About Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR)

On behalf of the Deanship of Scientific Research team at the University of Business and Technology, I would like to welcome you to the website, where we display the University’s research structure, activities, and plans, as well as the research facilities and support services. It gives me joy to be associated with high caliber researchers from all the University’s deanships across five streams of research, encompassing 19 research groups. I am particularly proud to point out that our researchers are undertaking novel research in collaboration with internationally reputed academics and publishing in high-ranking academic journals. Their research is business and industry oriented, addressing issues that have social, economic, and environmental impacts. It is focused on serving society, improving the lived environment, and contributing to building the Kingdom’s knowledge economy. This focus is at the heart of the University’s research vision and mission, it is guided by Saudi Vision 2030 and the strategic goals of the Kingdom’s plan. The Deanship of Scientific Research is keen to realize the industrial potential of the University’s research through research development, publications, and forging international relations. It pursues and assists in the formation of startups and development project opportunities arising from the need to solve current issues facing the community and the economy at the local and national levels. In this endeavor it structures and co-ordinates the research endeavors of faculty, students, and industry partners in developing interdisciplinary approaches to factual, goal-oriented problems.

It gives me pleasure to invite you to browse our website to familiarize yourself with what the Deanship of Scientific Research can offer you, in terms of research opportunities, facilities, and services.


Thank you.

Dr Ruaa Omar Bin Saddig

Dean of Scientific Research

Research Plan 2021-2022

Our Research Vision

To be a hub for excellent research that informs our teaching, serves the needs of the community and industry, and contributes to improving the lived environment.

Our Research Mission

To work, faculty and students, within a creative learning environment, actively advancing knowledge through novel research that informs our teaching, addresses community needs, supports sustainable business developments, and contributes to policy making.

Research Impacts

The creative investigative prowess of UBT researchers and their collaborative international researchers has real and potential impacts socially, economically, and environmentally, as demonstrated in the contextualized research plans and outcomes of the 19 research groups. 

A Snapshot Of UBT’s Research Activities.

Research in the Advertising, Media, and Communication Stream

Research in this stream covers the fields of media, culture, and communication; consumer behavior; and marketing. Topics which are being investigated include: interactive narrative, virtual environments, visual communication, cultural identity, city identity, gender studies, post-truth theory, innovative approaches to the study of Advertising, Media, and Communication, branding, sponsorship, green innovation, sustainable transportation, and health risk in food delivery.

Research in the Economics and Finance Stream

Researchers in this stream are conducting research in corporate governance and social responsibility; governance structure, corporate earnings, audit quality, board gender diversity, and corporate performance; job insecurity; sustainable finance; AI and behavioral finance; Islamic banking; financial liberalization and economic growth; monetary policy and sectoral energy consumption; renewable energy; waste management and the circular economy; IT, trade energy, emission and growth; carbon risk and capital structure; and oil prices and impact on stocks.

Research in the Law Stream

Researchers in this stream have directed their attention to investigating the legal implications of the demands and requirements for cleaner and more sustainable environment, as well as investigating environmental disasters and human rights concerns.

Research in the Management Stream

Researchers in this stream are looking for novel intra-disciplinary relationships that advance management theory and contribute to management practice. Empirical research in this stream focuses on team leadership, diverse workgroups, LMX differentiation, citizenship behavior, work-based deviance, innovation management, and strategy.

Research in the Science and Engineering

Researchers in this stream produced and exhibited some innovative products and materials. They are undertaking research in materials’ improvement and innovation; artificial intelligence and data science; renewable energy and power systems; mathematical modelling; and nanotechnology, industry 4.0.