MESSAGE FROM THE Vice President - Jeddah Campus

I am delighted and honoured to welcome you to the University of Business and Technology, the leading private educational institution distinguished by its unique academic programs and educational services for both male and female students.

As the university vice rectorate for Female branch, it is our priority to support all colleges and deanships by providing an educational environment that enables students to learn and fulfil their educational and personal goals. The faculty, Staff members and myself, are dedicated to ensure that students acquire the necessary knowledge and skillset needed for them to have a fruitful career as well as play a pivotal role in Saudi Arabia’s economic and social development stipulated under vision 2030.

Since its inception in 2000, the founders have devoted all their efforts and resources to provide females the right environment and tools that would empower them and increase their contribution in the labour market. This is recently exemplified through the large investment they have done in building a new state-of the art campus for females to accommodate the expansion of student base and their educational needs.