The Ministry of Higher Education (M.O.E) in K.S.A has duly approved our M.Sc. programs prepared by Western Michigan University. The UBT pursues its vision as a provider of advanced knowledge and skills to business professionals and to develop initiatives for entrepreneurial endeavors with a mission of producing capable leaders empowered by the necessary management and research skills to make high-quality business decisions in either an entrepreneurial, executive, or staff capacity. The M.Sc. further supports the vision and mission of the UBT.

While enhancing the visibility and reputation of the CBA (UBT) as the major producer of qualified business personnel in the region, our emphasis in this program is to supply business organizations with distinguished contemporary professionals in various areas such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Supply Chain Management. These programs are designed for the experienced practitioner and are planned around up-to-date knowledge bases, case studies, business simulations and small-group seminar sessions. The MScs are offered during weekdays to suit the availability of working professional students giving them the space, not conflicting with their business pursuits or job performance. Weekend classes are likewise offered to accommodate students from outside of Jeddah. The M.Sc.

Program is a two-year master’s degree (36-credit curriculum). Our program is distinguished by our:

  • Exceptional learning methodology whereby rigor, depth, innovation and analytical thinking are fully integrated to deal with all aspects of business problems.
  • To provide new career opportunities for prospective business leaders and executives, enabling them to further excel through continuous professional development.
  • M.Scs. curriculum follows a worldwide standard.
  • Classes are taught in the English language.
  • Recognition as programs that are certified by the Ministry of Higher Education, K.S.A.

MSC Programs


  • Bachelor’s degree from a local and international College/University recognized by the M.O.E., K.S.A.
  • Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.25 or higher on a 4.0 Scale, or 3.25 or higher on 5.0 Scale in previous university work.
  • Official transcript that clearly indicates the completion of a baccalaureate degree must be submitted to the Admissions Office. If course work toward the undergraduate degree was completed at other colleges or universities, official transcripts from all of those institutions also should be submitted. If the degree was awarded outside the KSA, the Saudi M.Sc. at the country of origin or the Country M.Sc. in Jeddah or elsewhere in KSA must stamp the document. Additionally, the degree must be within 10 years of graduation from the date of applying to the M.Sc. program.
  • Letter of Purpose (250 words minimum).
  • All students are required to obtain a minimum TOEFL/IELTS score of:

    • 6.1 on an internet-based test, or
    • 5.5 On an IELTS Examination (This condition of English Language proficiency will be waived if the student graduated from a school with English Language as the medium of instruction. He should secure certification stating that the degree was conducted in the English language).

  • Two letters of nomination and recommendation from senior business associates that objectively assess the applicant’s strengths, weaknesses, potential, and suitability for the M.Sc. program are required.
  • The students must have a personal interview with the Committee of Admissions to complete the admission procedures.
  • A completed application Admissions form with a SAR 1000 non-refundable application fee made payable to the College of Business Administration must be submitted to the CBA-M.Sc. Program Admissions Office.


IT general services are provided to the UBT system providing all colleges: College of Business Administration Male and Female Campuses, College of Engineering and Information Technology, College of Advertising Male and Female Campuses with IT support for administrative, academic, and quality assurance operations throughout the year. Specifically, the following services are extended to M.Sc. students and faculty & personnel.


Usernames and passwords are provided to individual students for OPERA Accounts as needed. Below are other e-log-ins as may be required.

  • Student Emails.
  • Wireless access on campus for mobiles and other handhelds
  • Opera online for tracking schedules, grades, evaluations, etc.
  • Blackboard.
  • E-library.


Please refer to MSC Student Hand Book

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The Vice Dean of Graduate Studies helps students in his/her progress during the study of their graduate program. As student progresses to the courses required, he/she might need assistance and provides academic guiding for determining the course track or path in selecting areas of concentration.
The Vice Dean of Graduate Studies handles any academic issues besetting the students.

Kindly contact:
Prof. Ayman Zerban,
Vice Dean for Graduate Studies

Phone Extension:
+966 (0)12-215-9157

ayman@ubt.edu.sa & M.Sc..advisor@ubt.edu.sa


Recognizing that attending the M.Sc. Program of the CBA is a significant investment of time and money, we strive to provide our students with various means to finance the degree. Total tuition cost of the Two-Year Program is SAR 140,000. Tuition is set by the University’s Board of Trustees and is ratified each year. Tuition Fees Breakdown The cost of each semester varies depending on the number of units taken. Students will not be allowed to register any credit hours unless payment is received in full (40% is accepted).

  • Admission Fees is 1000 S.R.
  • M.Sc. courses S.R. 11666/ per course.
  • General courses and major courses are S.R 8754/- per course.
  • The intensive Course for English Language fees is S.R. 6500 per level (not a part of the M.Sc. Program).


The finance department serves the students from initial entry to final march to graduation in the two-year Master of Sciences (M.Sc. All financial matters are transacted in this office specifically the collection of the required school fees:

  • Admission fee
  • Tuition fee
  • Graduation fee
  • 5% VAT will be added to all non-Saudi students.


  • New students can pay the first time to the University cashier.
  • All students can pay tuitions through the special Bank account that is given to them through their OPERAONLINE accounts.
  • They also can pay to the University cashier or by credit card through visa etc.



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Contact Us


Name Position Email Tel.
Dr.  Jawad Al Suliman Dean of Graduate Studies jawad@ubt.edu.sa 012-2326870
Prof. Ayman Zerban Vice Dean of Graduate Studies ayman@ubt.edu.sa 012-2159157
Mr. Mohammed Haddad DGS - Assistant Director of Graduate Studies m.haddad@ubt.edu.sa 012-2159023
Mr. Basem Idrees DGS - Executive Assistant basim@ubt.edu.sa 012-2159091
Mr. Abdullah Bawazir DGS - General Information bawazer@ubt.edu.sa 012-2159089
Mr.Saifaldeen Alsoulmi Coordinator, Call Center s.alsoulame@ubt.edu.sa 012-2159250

Name Position Email Tel.
Dr. Jawad Al Suliman Dean of Post Graduate Studies – UBT. jawad@ubt.edu.sa 012-2326870
Prof. Ayman Zerban Vice Dean of Graduate Studies ayman@ubt.edu.sa 012-2159157
Mr. Mohammed Haddad DGS - Assistant Director of Graduate Studies m.haddad@ubt.edu.sa 012-2159023

Mr. Abdullah Bawazir DGS - General Information bawazer@ubt.edu.sa 012-2159089


MBA Campus

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