Dear UBT Community

Welcome to the Intellectual Awareness Unit (IAU) which is established based on the Noble Royal Decree No. (27526) and dated 6/21/1436 AH. Our aim is to create a moderate community that promotes values of citizenship and stands against all forms of extremist ideologies. We cordially invite you to help us develop immunity and self-protection against enemies of humanity.
Our vision is based on three crucial pillars;

The first pillar is to align with our strategic status as the heart of the Arab and Islamic world and embrace our religious identity which is central to overcoming the greatest challenges faced by society today.
The second pillar is to strengthen loyalty to religion, then to the rulers and to strengthen national belonging, which will enhance human security and resilience.
Finally, to combat extremism and extremist ideologies to achieve moderation and build a peaceful environment that is free of prejudice, violence, and racial injustice.
We now have a critical responsibility ahead of us where the actions and decisions we take as a university community will help us set the right course for the future.
Prof.  Najat Abdul Rahman Al-Yaziji
Intellectual Awareness Unit


To build a moderate educational community that is capable of promoting the values ​​of tolerance and moderation through intercultural dialogue for the betterment of the society.


To graduate responsible, moderate, and loyal individuals and to prevent extremist ideologies in all its form through scientific research and programs.

IAU Objectives

  • Strengthening loyalty to religion, then to the rulers and strengthening national belonging
  • Spreading the values of moderation, tolerance, and coexistence
  • Eradicating extremist ideologies and treating its effects
  • Monitoring intellectual violations, extremist behavior, and negative phenomena in the university, in accordance with the rules and regulations determined by the Ministry of Education
  • Encouraging scientific research initiatives in intellectual issues, national belonging, and national cohesion