The Career Center was established with the intention of establishing an effective and efficient link between the businesses and academic communities in order to facilitate and boost employment rates amongst young Saudis in the local labor market. The key role of this center is to align the needs of the employers with those of the academic community and assist employers in opening career doors for young graduates. The center also promotes the importance of gaining extra knowledge, skills, and work experience which are being offered to students by providing them part time jobs, cooperative training in various private companies, and volunteering for various activities. It also promotes extra-curricular activities and workshops. Along with the unlimited access to information, students are also provided counseling by a group of professionals enabling them to choose the right career options and help in resolving issues or specific problems that students might face during this phase. Additionally, we now have the Alumni Association’s Career Center, in which a connection is developed with the alumni for the establishment for presenting future options, which is critical to the success of any alumni relations program.


UBT alumni are essential and engaged members of UBT community, proudly and consistently contributing to and benefiting from the achievements of UBT and their fellow alumni.


Commitment during the quest of achieving our mission to a privileged work culture based on the following principles:

  • Encourage creativity and innovation.
  • Focus on results & targets and define objectives.
  • Ensure that effectiveness and efficiency are improved.
  • Openness to the ideas and proposals of others.
  • Cooperation with organizations and companies in the service of the university students.



  • Students assistance in obtaining cooperative training, through communication with the companies. It also seeks recruiting university students looking for jobs in the private sector companies, through our relationship with executives of human resources.
  • Function as a link between the students, trainees or job seekers and private sector companies that have vacant posts.
  • Establishment of a database for the university graduates from all faculties.
  • Provide training portfolios commensurate with the needs of the labor market.
  • Provide indicative programs for trainees and those who are on the verge of graduation.
  • To provide information about available jobs in the labor market for university students and to help them identify professional desires so that they can choose their future posts commensurate with their major. A brochure will be issued including the center services provided to students. To get the biggest marketing advantage "in coordination with the Department of Public Relations and marketing" through attention paid to the graduates, which helps attract a large number of new students.


Training and guidance in the period of pre-graduation:

  • Interested in cooperation with the students and the subject supervisor starting from enrolling (Coop Training) until the completion of the training period, providing performance evaluation reports from the companies, in which students are doing their coop training, in coordination with the Center.
  • The center then looks for companies that are commensurate with their specialties to recruit graduates. In addition, guide them through the preparation of the subject final report, and then hands over students a model for how to academically conduct that report, providing all the information and consulting students need in determining their academic careers. "In coordination with the academic supervisor".


Career Center cares about providing support and assistance to search for companies wishing to provide cooperative training for university students. The center also instructs students in the preparation of their CVs in a way that enables them to achieve their occupational hopes. Moreover, follows-up students during cooperative training, as the academic follow-up is left to subject supervisor in each major. The center also aims to strengthen efforts to communicate with the university students / alumni and provide full support to get a job commensurate with their education.

Our Partners

Career Events


  • Coordinating with private sector companies to visit university to identify our colleges and majors.
  • Coordinating with private sector companies for co-op students to visit these companies and get to know the nature of their work closely to make his co-op training courses in one of these companies according to their specialties and their needs.
  • Coordinating with private sector companies to provide college professors with opportunities to observe the practical side being done by co-op trainee in workplace.
  • Invite Businessmen to give lectures about "career success" in their business and their practical experiences.
  • Provide information about any job vacancies in the Saudi market by using information materials and visual media and then communicate with the concern’s department in those companies.
  • Provide the possibility of benefiting from Career Center Employment Services online remotely through the University website.
  • Provide meetings to give the students the chance to be conversant with the future trends for some jobs and employment opportunities by meeting well-known experts in this field.
  • Provide stimulating meetings with the officials of Centennial Fund and Bab Rizq Jameel Fund to encourage small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Conducting training workshops on CV writing skills, smart interviews, business ethics and the practical skills of writing the final report of co-op training, and some soft skills training courses.


  • Develop focused initiatives targeting the career development needs of students in CBA, CEIT and JCA.
  • Develop focused initiatives and strengthen outreach to transfer students from academic life to a new career life.
  • Develop and strength the relationship with the companies, banks, factories and financing houses.
  • Strengthen communication with our partners from the companies in mutually beneficial ways to help students achieve academic and professional goals.
  • Provide education, training, and reflection opportunities to students for experiential education initiatives.
  • Support employer recruitment efforts, provide resources to facilitate hiring, and promote coop-training program.