Advisory Boards of Universities are mainly created for the purpose of obtaining creative and distinctive international expertise and experiences, through neutral third-party opinions unbiased to the interests of any other party in the institution.

To achieve this, meticulous care is exercised in selecting members of high caliber and wisdom from outside the university to form distinctive and complementary capabilities and skills to those of the Board of Trustees by focusing on reviewing and challenging information or decisions taken by the administrators; work to strengthen the sources of academic power and creativity and spot areas of weakness in order to ensure the continuity of the University and assure its academic or financial security, as well as contribute to the enhancement of its reputation and performance.


To become a prominent think – Tank that leads the University by proposing distinctive and creative strategies and policies that enhance the reputation of the institution as a quality education, research and community service provider.


To design and draw a road-map for UBT by defining where the University is? and where is it going to be in the near, intermediate, and far future, and how? Through annual review of overall performance, the IAB is responsible of propounding to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees creative strategies, policies and initiatives as well as best practices in the academic world.



  • Provide non-binding proposals and recommendations on significant strategic issues related to UBT existing and future performance.
  • Examine goals, strategies, and policies from a future perspective to assure their keeping pace with changes in the educational social and economic environment.
  • Help in initiating strategic alliances and partnerships with high-reputed Universities and organizations.
  • The IAB members should be of distinguished academic and/or entrepreneurial record and act according to what is mandated by article (12) of the By-Laws.
  • The IAB is an independent advisory entity that is directly linked to the BOT Chairman. It neither provides directions to nor receives directions from the University administration.