Faculty Development Center OVERVIEW

The Faculty Development Center at UBT was inaugurated in the year 2012 first as the learning and teaching center then in 2017 changed to the Faculty Development Center. The center has been initiated with the sole purpose of developing the skills, competences, and qualifications of UBT faculty members to be able to achieve UBT’s vision and mission.

The center is responsible for preparing developmental workshops and advancemet opportunities for UBT faculty members to enhance the skill set to make sure we achieve the mission of UBT and build internal capacity that would enable our faculty members to embed the required graduate attributes within our students.

The FDC is supported through UBT senior management and that was evident through the Rector’s decree that emphasizes on, 09/09/2018(18/277), the importance of encouraging all UBT faculty to attend the developmental activities organized and planned by the FDC and it will be considered part of their annual evaluation.

The UBT way “Intentional Learning and Teaching”

At UBT we aim at providing our students with a fruitful learning experience. We highly encourage creative and innovative teaching that ensures learning. Assessment activities that would lead to assurance of learning. At UBT we appreciate faculty that would walk the extra mile to assure that their students are exposed and engaged through trendy and innovative pedagogical techniques and continuous improvement.

Expose the students and engage them in professionally accepted quality codes.

UBT Faculty members are passionate in dealing with their students and while delivering their courses. We emphasize on embedding the needed skills within our students: Leadership, Complex problem solving, Entrepreneurial mind-set, interpersonal skills, and emotional intelligence. The center has conducted several meetings with the deans and vice deans of UBT colleges to conclude the training needs for the faculty members. The meetings have resulted in identifying core areas for the faculty development those areas include: Innovative pedagogy, technology, discipline specific content, academic leadership.

Services Provided by the Faculty Development Center (FDC)

Faculty Learning Community:

A weekly workshop is conducted by the faculty development center every week. The workshop covers a topic that is highlighted by the faculty members through the need’s assessment survey. The weekly workshops are delivered by top-notch educational developers that are recognized in the field from all around the world.


Confidential one on one meetings with faculty members are reserved with the faculty development center’s director to discuss an area of concern for the faculty members.

Faculty Learning Community:

Faculty members agree on reading a book at the beginning of each semester and meet to discuss the topic each week.

Faculty Development Center (FDC) TEAM

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