Learning & Teaching Development Center OVERVIEW (LTDC)

The University Learning & Teaching Development Center at UBT was inaugurated in the year 2012 first as the learning and teaching center then in 2017 changed to the University Learning & Teaching Development Center. The center has been initiated with the sole purpose of developing the skills, competences, and qualifications of UBT faculty members to be able to achieve UBT’s vision and mission.

The center is responsible for preparing developmental workshops and advancement opportunities for UBT faculty members to enhance the skill set to make sure we achieve the mission of UBT and build internal capacity that would enable our faculty members to embed the required graduate attributes within our students.

The FDC is supported through UBT senior management and that was evident through the Rector’s decree that emphasizes on, 09/09/2018(18/277), the importance of encouraging all UBT faculty to attend the developmental activities organized and planned by the FDC and it will be considered part of their annual evaluation.

The UBT way Intentional Learning and Teaching

At UBT we aim at providing our students with a fruitful learning experience. We highly encourage creative and innovative teaching that ensures learning. Assessment activities that would lead to assurance of learning. At UBT we appreciate faculty that would walk the extra mile to assure that their students are exposed and engaged through trendy and innovative pedagogical techniques and continuous improvement.

Expose the students and engage them in professionally accepted quality codes.

UBT Faculty members are passionate in dealing with their students and while delivering their courses. We emphasize on embedding the needed skills within our students: Leadership, Complex problem solving, Entrepreneurial mind-set, interpersonal skills, and emotional intelligence. The center has conducted several meetings with the deans and vice deans of UBT colleges to conclude the training needs for the faculty members. The meetings have resulted in identifying core areas for the faculty development those areas include: Innovative pedagogy, technology, discipline specific content, academic leadership.

Services Provided by Learning & Teaching Development Center

From UBT to UBT

At UBT, the upper management always thrives on hiring top calibers in their fields. We enjoy a diverse body of faculty members and high-quality staff in different fields. Making good use of our own people’s knowledge and disseminating it to the rest of the University members will enhance the working environment and support the culture of knowledge sharing in different fields. Moreover, it will aid in achieving one of the center’s primary objectives, which is to create programs that foster knowledge exchange and sharing among faculty members.

Any UBTers with expertise, interests, and knowledge that they would like to share can do so according to the following criteria:



Topics or Fields



Faculty Members

Their academic specialists, special interests (music, creative writing…. etc.)

Faculty, Staff

Online or face to face

Faculty Members, Top Management, Staff

System-specific (Opera, HR), departmental services (SDR services, LTDC services), new policies and procedures, communication skills, business writing.... etc.

Faculty, Staff

Online or face to face

Faculty Members, Staff

Academic and learning-related topics (how to study effectively, writing workshops, public speaking and presentation skills)



Online or face to face


All participants will be compensated with community service hours. The direct supervisor determines the amount.

Here is the form you need to fill out to send us your offering of workshops or training

The form’s link:   Click Here

Or Scan the QR code:  

For any further information, please contact:

       Dr. Hatoon Kadi (LTDC Director)

Email: hatoon@UBT.EDU.SA

Ext: 6644


Ms. Maha Basha (LTDC Assistant Director)

Email: mb.basha@ubt.edu.sa

Ext: 6646

Or please drop in and visit us at our center located on the first floor, CBA Collage at Cornish

Learning & Teaching Development Center TEAM


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