Library Affairs Division

The University of Business and Technology’s Library was founded in 2002. It is divided into two major branches: the Central Library in Dhahban, and the Central Library in Sari.
The Central Library provides on-campus services and resources for all colleges and departments, including the College of Business Administration, the College of Engineering, Jeddah College of Advertising, and the College of Law.
The Central Library at Dahban provides various scientific resources and information technology to all UBT colleges on campus.
The Dahban Campus Library branch provides various scientific resources to support all UBT engineering programs.
The Sari Campus Library provides important references that serve the College of Business Administration, Jeddah College of Advertising, the MBA program, and the English Language Academy.
The Central Library shares a number of electronic databases of a variety of majors and specializations, including books, articles, full text searches, and a number of academic journals, which are available for students and faculty members through the e-library site on the business page of UBT’s website.


To acquire a high standard of library resources; provide information services to meet the educational needs of students and faculty members; and support UBT’s mission by contributing to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest level of excellence.


  • Selecting and acquiring up-to-date information resources in all formats that are relevant to the information needs of UBT’s colleges and staff.
  • Organizing collections by using internationally accepted standards to ensure easy access to all resources.
  • Establishing, promoting and maintaining a wide range of services that support the academic programs of all colleges; and encourage optimal exploitation of all library resources.
  • Building the information literacy skills of UBT students by developing and encouraging their pursuit of knowledge.
  • Marketing the use of information resources in the UBT community by organizing current awareness campaigns; announcing new Central Library arrivals, setting up book clubs; and participating in local, regional and international book fairs which may attract students and faculty members.

General Rules

  • No food or drinks allowed in the library.
  • Don't try to put books back on the shelves; just leave them on the table.
  • Clean up the workspace before you leave: push the chairs in and don't leave any mess on the tables.
  • Computers are for research purposes only.
  • You should leave your bags at the designated area in the Library.
  • Do not use mobile phones while in the library and put the ringers off when you come into the Library.
  • You should keep the noise level down; don't disturb other users in the Library.
  • You should respect and protect library property, desks, chairs, computers, etc…
  • You should never write on, underline, mark, highlight or cutout text from any library materials.

To borrow books or other items from the library

  • You must present your UBT ID card every time you wish to borrow books.
  • Bring the books you wish to check out to the Circulation/Reservation Desk. You may borrow a maximum of 3 books at any given time.
  • The loan period is 7 days and books are subject to recall after 3 days if requested by another user.
  • You may renew your borrowing of a book once only for 7 days; if it has not been requested by another user. You should present all the books you wish to renew at the Circulation desk.
  • Audio-Visual items can only be used within the library.
  • Reference books or reserved items are not allowed to be taken outside the library.
  • You will not be allowed to borrow any library material if you owe fines, or you have 3 items checked out under your name.

Fines are leveled against all overdue items

  • SR 5 per day per book from the general collection
  • SR 10 per day per book in periodicals
  • All fines must be paid at the Circulation Desk

Damaged/lost books or resources

Replacement of damaged/lost items will be accepted, provided it is an exact copy of the damaged/lost book or resource, or you will be charged SR 300 plus the delay fine for every book; or SR 100 plus the delay fine for a magazine you lose or damage. Notification of all unpaid fines will be sent to the Registrar and finance office six weeks after the date of assessment. Failure to pay fines will affect continued registration and graduation.

Any suggestions to improve our services are welcome, as are requests to purchase new titles.


Me. Ahad Abdulrahman
Phone: +966 12 2159131