Ahmad Ibrahim

Assistant Professor, Law
Head of Law Department

College of Law

Major of Law - College of Law -D

I obtained Doctor Degree in Philosophy Law majored in Commercial Law from the re-known International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). My Doctoral research focus was on Islamic Commercial Law and Banking Transactions. Similarly, I did my master’s degree in Islamic Banking Law and finance at Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyyah of Laws International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). My both Ph.D and Master researches have been published now as books. Before that, I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Shariah and Islamic Studies from Islamic University of Madinah Al Munawwarah. 

Certificate of Best Presentation Award @ the International Conference On Advance in Islamic Finance (ICAIF), held in London - United Kingdom UK February 16-17, 2023.

1. Commercial Law  (English)

2. Commercial Contracts and Banking Transactions  (English & Arabic)

3. Fiqh Muamalat   (Arabic)

4. Foundation of Fiqh  (Arabic)

5. Civil Contracts (English)

2021 up-to-date  :       Assistant Professor of Commercial Law: University of 

                                         Business and  Technology (UBT) Jeddah, Saudi 



2019 – 2021        :        Assistant Professor: Waidsum University (WU) - An

                                        Affiliate of Al-Madinah International University. 

                                        Faculty of Economics and Management (Department

                                        of Islamic Finance).

2017 - 2018         :       Lecturer at Kulliyyah of Economics and Management

                                       Sciences (KENMS), International Islamic University

                                      Malaysia (IIUM).

                                     Islamic Commercial law



I have interest in conducting research particularly in these fields:

  • Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Commercial Law
  • Commercial Contracts & Banking Transactions
  • Islamic Banking Law & Finance
  • Comparative Criminal Law
  • Islamic Accountancy.

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