Najat Alyazaji

Professor, College Requirements
Supervisor, Intellectual Awareness Unit

College of Business Administration- Jeddah

College Requirements -J

Prof: DR: Najat Abdulrahman Alyazaji

A faculty member in the General Subject Department

  • Grammar, morphology and linguistic sciences

1. The first honorary shield for academic excellence from Umm Al-Qura University from Her Royal Highness, campus of the Two Holy Mosques.

2.Thanks and appreciation from the National Authority for Quality and Academic Accreditation.

3. A shield of thanks and appreciation from the King Abdelaziz Foundation for National Dialogue.

4. Thanks from His Excellency the Director of Taif University.

5. Thanks and appreciation from the Cultural Attaché in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

6. Thanks and appreciation from the Director General of Education in Taif.

7. Thanks from the Deputy Minister for Higher Education.

8. Acknowledgments from the Undersecretary for Planning.

9. Thanks and appreciation from His Excellency the Governor of Taif.

10. A certificate of appreciation for participating in the sixteenth meeting of the Committee of Deans, Community Centers and Continuing Education in the Gulf States.

Grammar and language at all levels

Arabic Library.

Arabic 1

Arabic 2

Linguistic, grammatical and morphological issues.

Research methods and teaching methods.

Principles of grammar and morphology.

Professor of grammar, morphology and linguistics at the University of Business and Technology.

2- Member of the Scientific Council at Taif University.

3- Member of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment in the Universities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

4- A member of the teaching staff for non-Arabic speakers at the University of Attau, Canada.

5- Cultural Diplomacy Attache at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Beijing) China, Assistant Cultural Attaché for Academic Affairs.

6- Dean of the College of Education, Scientific Departments and Home Economics.

The number of published research reached 30, including:

1- A combination of Arabic and English, a comparative study.

2- The renewal of Abdul Qaher Al-Jurjani through the theory of systems.

3- The development of the Arabic language for non-native speakers Research in: “The development of the Arabic language at the University of Ottawa as a model.

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