About Law Club

The Law Club at the College of Law in Jeddah is a student entity supervised by the college, encompassing all students from various disciplines. Its purpose is to contribute to the activation of student activities and enhance legal awareness and culture among them. The club focuses on organizing numerous legal events, educational and informative activities, and training sessions. It also strives to enable students to engage in practical work and strengthen their practical skills. The club conducts various training workshops, mock trials, events, and field visits in coordination with lawyers and relevant entities such as the Chamber of Commerce, judicial bodies, the Saudi Bar Association, forensic authorities, the Shura Council, and the Expertise Authority at the Council of Ministers. The club offers three types of memberships: basic, academic, and honorary, and it comprises several committees including public relations, legal clinic, media, quality, and community service. It provides students with various incentives in accordance with its regulations and bylaws.