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UBT Testimonial Student Group: "We would describe the University of Business and Technology as exciting and dynamic. The best thing about being a student here is the number of additional opportunities that are available. we were initially attracted here by my supervisor, the school’s reputation, and my career goals.

The University offers a fantastic academic environment, seminars, interdisciplinary initiatives, as well as a remarkable library and sport facility. For these reasons, we would heartily recommend the University of University of Business and Technology to other students. We would encourage them to enjoy and exploit the trainings, seminars, academic expertise, and social networking to the full. By doing that We have discovered how science is made from within, seized opportunities to develop all sorts of skills, and enjoyed rewarding social exchange and cultural life.




Dr. Megren A. Altassan


After graduating from UBT, I have gained a scholarship for my master and doctoral degree from the Saudi government in the united states of America. following my achievement in completing my education with outstanding merits, I decided to return to Saudi Arabia to serve my country and religion. UBT was my first choice among many institutes to join when I was looking for a job, I felt the loyalty to serve the first place I studied and graduated from to encourage the future alumni to have loyalty and trustworthiness towards their university. I started as a faculty member and an assistant professor and now I am working as a faculty member to this day, but I have admin efforts as the Alumni Center Director at my alma mater, UBT. And currently I am a proud motivated member of the university, seeking to inspire our graduates and creating the best efforts to manage our graduates affairs and to build lasting alumni connections by having a continuous engagement and contact between the graduates and UBT, while also trying to establish and flourish our beautiful country Saudi Arabia.
Dr. Megren A. Altassan,
Director of Alumni Center, UBT.


Bayan S. Arab


I’m proud to be a UBT graduate. this leading university has given me the opportunity to become a director just a year after graduation. Thanks UBT!


Raoum Shabouni


Focused, hard work is the real key to success. Keep your eyes on the goal, and just keep taking the next step towards completing it. If you aren't sure which way to do something, do it both ways and see which works better. John carmack This quote really inspired me through my college days, and continues to do so. It opened my mind and challenged my ability to achieve goals, and so expanded my knowledge base and gave me more confidence. In college, i learned that i could begin projects and achieve higher standards which opened doors for me to walk into a highly professional career. What i would really like to say to all ubt instructors is: thank you so much for believing in me, and for spicing up my life. I am happy that you were able to share such a milestone with me by being there as my instructors, or being my colleagues and enriching me with your generosity. I thank you sincerely for being such a vital part of my life.


Barad Nasseef


When I first set out on my university journey, I was an entirely different person from what I have become today. Before joining UBT, I was a self-contained individual who would shrink into herself amongst strangers and would feel intimidated in the spotlight, but now I am a different person. I graduated from UBT as a person who feels quite comfortable being in the spotlight. This whole experience played an integral role in the development and preparation of my skills and abilities and allowed the advancement of both my management and leadership skills and helped develop both my soft and hard skills, making me a more attractive candidate in a competitive labor market. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank UBT and most importantly all my dear instructors for assisting me in laying such a strong foundation towards a more professional career”


Buthainah Albaity


I joined CBA during its very early days when the girls section was just a single floor in an office building next to the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Regardless of its size at that time and its infancy, the curriculum, books used, and caliber of its academic staff were impressive. I will always be grateful to have been taught by instructors who combined academic excellence with professional expertise in the industry bringing balanced and real life insights to the courses. Due to the quality of teaching which I received in CBA, my basics were good enough to pursue a master’s in accounting and finance in the UK and graduate with distinction. In addition to having a successful professional career, alhamdulilah. I am proud to be a graduate of an institution that progressed over record time; evolving from IBA to CBA to UBT. I wish UBT continued prosperity for generations to come.


Lujain Alobaid


My time at the College of Business Administration has been pleasant and fruitful. I see how valuable I am to the market as a UBT graduate, it makes me feel proud. Employers know the quality of education we receive, and feel confident to hire us eventually.


Yomna Mohammed


My journey in CBA was full of adventure, it doesn’t matter if it was positive or negative, what matters if I learned from my them or not and I did actually learned a lot of things. CBA made me look at the organizations from various angles, not only through the marketing eye, through HR, FIN, ACCUT, etc… eyes. Each major complete one another and that’s how any business survive, each department relies on the other department such as HR and MKT. I’ve always wanted to major in Marketing because it depends on the person’s creativity and the way the person want to their customer to be satisfied when they see what they want. Marketers always want to see the smile on their loyal/regular customer because this is the mark that tells them that they had accomplished their mission. However, CBA is the best college for someone who want to major in fields related to business. I entered CBA with basic knowledge that I studied in school and now I am graduating with advanced knowledge that is built on my basic knowledge. Thank you UBT/CBA for providing me the opportunity to explore my self and excell in the field that I majored in. Thank you !


Bashaer Hamed Ali Rawas


I would like to start this by thanking the most to Allah, who has given Me so much strength and power in resisting during all times when I felt down he sent me the best ideas and helped me to get over every difficulty. Then, I would like to thank my university for providing me great education and experience during all classes and assignments, since based on them I have gained knowledge in this field that I want to work for in the future. The College of Business Administration has given me a very good education plan which will help me a lot in the future. Second to this, I owe most of this knowledge to the amazing teachers that I have had in every class, since they always knew how to explain to me all the uncertainties that I had and who always helped me. I will remember each and every one in my future work places since I will apply the knowledge you gave me. Thank you all very much!


Bashayer Saleh Alshehri


My four years in the Accounting program at UBT (University of Business and Technology) were among the best years of my life. Sure, I faced some difficulties, but I was thinking all the time it will get brighter in the future by just keeping my focus and momentum level high. I now work in EY one of the leading and fast growing cooperation’s in my field, which I can see my year of studies reflecting in my career with positive success. There was encouragement coming from all sides and that can never be underestimated in contributing to a successful Accountant.


Lujain khalid alshemaimri


Once I joined the real life of work, I realized how almost everything I have learned is somehow related to what we actually do at work. The curriculum we had and the way our instructors delivered what we needed to learn is nothing but remarkable. Words would never express the extent of my gratitude and appreciation for all the support, knowledge and guidance I received during my time at cba.


Lujain Anwar Noori


UBT is truly a unique institution, not only academic and practical excellence, but also by motivated students, engaging professors from biggest company in KSA, Being at ubt the past five years has been great. The program is fantastic, the academics are the best in their fields. I know I got a quality education and experience! The faculty and community here are genuinely interested in the individual success of every student. UBT is Creating a world class and contemporary educational environment thus enabling individuals to develop their potential so as to transform as global leaders as well as committed, dynamic and ethical professional of tomorrow. UBT generate new knowledge by engaging in cutting-edge research and to promote academic growth.


Saja Sami Khumaiyes


I joined CBA on their first semester in Sari building. It was an overwhelming experience for me since I never changed schools throughout my early years of studying. However, CBA was a warm and welcoming place that helped me to adapt quickly with the change. I choose MIS as major, and we were very few in number compared to other majors, and I have to admit that it was very challenging, yet gave us the opportunity to maximize our learning. Due to the quality of teaching which I received in CBA, I was offered a full time job during my coop training period, and held a very good position for a fresh graduate, which led to quick and successful promotions, and for that I will always be grateful. I am proud to be a graduate of CBA that has a reputation as the leading business school in Saudi.


Ezwah Abdullah Alabdali


Attending many workshops and seminars, which took place in ubt, has helped me a lot in better understanding the work market/environment. Engaging in many extracurricular activities has definitely improved my teamwork and communication competencies. I have always loved exams and assignments that would challenge my ability of thinking and require my opinion; my job is a daily challenging assignment. Curriculum is a solid base, but continuous reading and keeping up with market trends and best practices will help connecting the dots. My sincere appreciation goes out to the faculty members of HR, who played a huge role in developing the competencies I need in my job.


Rajiah Meir


During the time I was studying in UBT, my skills were enriched both personally and professionally through the development of the strong business fundamentals, while focusing on enabling future leaders via fostering the team work culture, these have broadened my business skills which leveraged my career in Sanofi.


Sherehan Ashraf Saleh


During my study at CBA and being part of the marketing department, I was taught by a great faculty who cared about their students and the achievements they are doing. I will always be grateful for the motivation they provided us and the opportunities they gave us to become better and move on to the career world to change it creatively with the tools we learned and the keys we gained.


Ms. Sara Banaja


Studying at UBT has been a good investment in the development of my working life. I completed a bachelor’s degree in major Management Information System. They provided me with practical knowledge, and at the same time gave me a head start and prospects for growth in the world of business.


Ms. Raghdah Amjad Khan


Being one of UBT Alumni is a great treasure in my life. I had my bachelor’s degree in finance from UBT and graduated with First honor. Which gave me the golden opportunity to pursue my Master of Business administration in Los Angeles, Californian and working in the biggest Saudi retail companies. I will Always be Proud to be UBT Alumni.


Ms. Razan Nasser


Studying at UBT gave me a competitive knowledge and skills towards other candidates after graduating with a bachelor degree in Human Resources Management with a place of second honor, I got a job offer while doing my COOP training. My employer was impressed with the knowledge and capabilities I have as a fresh graduate. That’s why I have decided in 2019 to continue my master degree in UBT after 3 years of working experience because it will add a lot of value to my knowledge and to help flourishing in my career path and to reach the managerial level.


Ms. Wejdan Alkhatabi


Graduated 2015, majored in marketing, was the first marketing intern in Nestle Saudi Arabia, got the internship for 3 months then managers extended my internship for more 4 months as total of 7 months. It was a very successful experience. After that I got a job in Alesayi Group as a marketing coordinator after two years got a promotion to marketing specialist then got another opportunity in the E-commerce field. Which I'm currently working at as Key Account Executive.
UBT is what formed me to be competitive, strong and eager to learn more and gain experienced and I'm always grateful and proud to be a UBT graduate.


Ms. Shahad Maimash


Studying in UBT, allow me to experience the workplace before graduation through projects and volunteering work which inspire me and broaden my vision of my career future. After graduation: in 3 years I have worked in three different industries, I am Master student at UBT, and I am qualified to get professional certificate by attending aPHRI course at UBT Executive Education (UBT EE).


Ms. Raghda Tariq Sadiq


I started my work journey in 2013, I worked part-time at wall street Institute and maintained a high GPA then got accepted and given the full scholarship.
I have participated in the Unilever quest program and have reached level 3 out of 4 which was a great achievement at that time.
I continued to work while studying for 2 years and then got accepted into PepsiCo as a marketing intern for the summer. My managers have extended my internship and gave me more responsibilities by including me in exclusive projects.
afterwards, my internship has ended and I have received my certificate with second honors and a GPA of 4.28.
Then I started working as a key accounts Supervisor in PepsiCo and I worked in Dairy Queen as a marketing and sales specialist.
now I’m currently the marketing supervisor in e-commerce named
I have learned a lot from UBT instructors who have taught me what it takes to become a successful marketer and it's an honor to be a UBT alumni.


Ms. Heyam Omairan


UBT has paved the way for me to follow my passion, explore my potentials and believe in myself.
It provided me the opportunity to flourish not only academically but also experientially.
“Education for job opportunities” is what UBT has promised us as students and provided as graduates.
I graduated with First-class Honor in Management information system and currently I work as Business Relationship Analyst in one of the leading companies in dairy industry.


Ms. Anoud Aldahri


UBT was one of the reasons for my entry into the business world. I studied BA and majored in Finance and graduated with honors in 2017, and I trained at Ghassan Ahmed Al-Sulaiman Company - IKEA - in the corporate insurance department for 6 months, after that I was appointed in the internal audit department as an internal auditor. It was a very profitable experience in which I invested myself and my skills.
In 2020, I completed my master's degree in business administration with first honor, which was a journey full of scientific experiences and knowledge, and it opened up a wide field for me in self-development and management skills.


Mr. Ahmad Bakheet


In a friendly and pleasant academic environment I completed my studies at the University of Business and Technology. The journey in the Marketing world gave me a great opportunity to learn the latest strategies in international marketing techniques. After graduation, I joined Imaar as a Marketing Coordinator where I am now applying what I learned to enjoy my professional journey.


Mr. Wahaj Ahmad


Deputy Minister for Executive affairs and shared support services - Ministry of Communications and Information Technology


Mr. Sultan Ayaz


UBT has given me an unforgettable experience when it comes to education. Not only I could find an excellent job,thanks to UBT career center, I also found honest support when I started to work on my first English novel, which is already published in Saudi Arabia under the name of Crossing Thoughts, and soon to be internationally published as an E-Book by Olympia Publishers (London, UK). When it comes to career wise,I am proud to be an Admin Secretary in the western region head office at SAMBA just after being a branch staff for only 3 years ".


Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Timani’s


Abdulrahman J. Al- Timani is the Founder of Fasilah, Ambassador to the UN and International Youth Envoy to the American Congress! Abdulrahman earned his high school degree from Lebanon, and moved back to Jeddah City to pursue his bachelor degree in Business from the University of Business Administration (UBT) where he grew and served as the president of the student council for 2 consecutive years and also as the director of the student activities for two years before he gave his valedictorian speech and graduated from with Honor in May 2016. In January 2017 Abdulrahman moved to Washington DC to continue his graduate studies as a Master student in Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University. Due to his outstanding academic and extra-curricular performance, Al-Timani was elected to become the President of George Mason University Leadership Council. Outside the campus, Abdulrahman was selected as the first Saudi to represent the United Nations Association as the International Youth Envoy to the U.S. Congress. Also he was selected as the first Saudi youth to become the Ambassador of the Youth Assembly at the United Nations. and in February 2018 he executed an initiative that aims to empower the Saudi Youth and expand their representation in the global youth platforms. He successfully led the largest Saudi youth delegation in the history of the Youth Assembly (68 Saudi Youth). Additionally, Al-Timani was recognized and awarded as an “Outstanding Ambassador of the Youth Assembly” at the United Nations HQ in New York among hundreds of youth ambassadors from all around the world. Lately, as part of his endeavor to make a social impact, Al-Timani Founded “Fasilah”, it’s a non-profit organization that has a vision to Building empowered visionary and competent youth to act today, in order to shape a knowledge-based, sustainable and tolerant world tomorrow.


Mr. Wasel Muntaser Raslan


I joined UBT in 2013 and was not sure of what major I want to enter, until I encountered such professional tutors and instructors who guided me step by step and lead me to the right direction. So I started working hard with long hours and sleepless nights, I have also made wonderful friends during my journey who helped me in my decision making, until I finally graduated in 2016 as finance graduate with second honor and a GPA of (4.63/5). It was my greatest honor and pleasure to have graduated in such a successful institution with the help of my beloved doctors and professors, of course there have been some ups and downs, but then this is life, it’s all about how you push harder and harder for your success. And it’s fair to say that after God’s will then UBT that I am now a corporate relationship manager in SAMBA financial group. Lastly, I want to tell everyone who went through failures in life to always remember what Albert Anstien said, “Never give up on what you really want to do”. Thank you UBT!!, thank you for everything, as one journey ends another begins.


Mr. Ammar Salama


Studying at University of Business and Technology “UBT” added a lot to me on the personal, professional, and academic levels. I joined the Students' Union Club, and we did volunteer work that gained us knowledge, and many relationships. UBT is not just a regular University that you go to every morning to attend your routine lectures, but more than that. I’m honored to be one of the UBT Alumni.


Eng. Ameer Alsulami


I joined UBT and obtained my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. They had been a significant contributor to the development of my personality. I have established my team-work skill, leadership & time management and have also been able to enhance these skills. I gained comprehensive knowledge in my major from brilliant professors, which supported me to grow and develop in the world of business and projects.


Mr. Youssef AlMuawad


Studying at UBT enabled me to kick start my career in a very positive way. The curriculum and way of teaching really showcases actual environments of a work setting. UBT's philosophy combined with the right tools and mindset taught me how to be successful in life.