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The University of Business and Technology collaborates with universities across the word to provide opportunities for researchers to work on real-life problems, find solutions, and make an impact on society.

ODOBA Project

With France

UBT participating in the Observatory of Durability of the Reinforced Concrete Works (ODOBA) Project with France.
A group of Researchers from UBT managed by Dr. Yasser Abo Al Maged will participate in the ODOBA France project.
The team will be composed of: Dr. Islam Bassounbol, Dr. Issam Farouk, and Eng. Sultan Nahdi.
The vice rector of Quality and development attended the kick-off meeting in France on October10, 2016. After many audio conferences between the two teams in France and UBT.
Within the frame of the extension of the operation of the Nuclear Power Plants up to 60 years (in France) or even to 90 years (for some other countries), the aging of containment buildings has to be addressed. The reinforced concrete of the containment building may be indeed affected by swelling reactions, like ASR or DEF, or corrosion phenomena (attack by chloride ions or carbonation). The developments of these pathologies affect the mechanical behavior and tightness of the structures.
Present knowledge concerning these pathologies relies mainly on small-scale laboratory experiments. However, their kinetics and the effect of the different parameters involved (temperature, hygrometry, reinforcement…) at the structure scale depend on the scale itself. The detection means of these pathologies must also be adapted to the scale from which it is very important to carry out large-scale tests.
In this context, the IRSN has launched in 2015 the ODOBA project (Observatory for Durability of the Reinforced Concrete Works) which will last about 10 years. It will mainly comprise a “farm” of about 60 optimally instrumented concrete blocks (about 4 x 2 x 1 m size), located in Cadarache (France). The blocks will be submitted to accelerated aging processes. Periodic NDE will be performed and compared to instrumentation and core sampling results. The influence of the key parameters will be analytically studied.



UBT International Reserach

With France, the United Kingdom, and Canada
CORSAIRE Project (Consortium to Operate ROV for Sea Archeology Implementation Recovery & Experimentation) and relevant facilities 350 years later, on the Lune shipwreck.
Now toward future.

UBT International Reserach2


The Global CORSAIRE project is an international project in collaboration with PARIS TECH institute and University of Paris. The developed system is aiming to be the unique system in underwater archeology.
The integrated Underwater Archaeological Robotic System (CORSAIRE for Consortium to Operate ROS for Sea Archaeology Implementation Recovery & Experimentation) is about to progressively design, develop and implement a robotic system within the very next 5 years;
An Underwater Robotic Lab to be set up in the Middle East, closely linked to the twin one at ParisTech's on the one hand, and with a dedicated Incubator/Accelerator to be closely set up on the other (the aim is to create and coach startup companies in Jeddah at the back of the relevant Indus-trial Property, closely coordinated with similar ones in France and with a ParisTech Incubator and similar ones in Oxford and Canada);


Two possible Master degrees:

  • 2 possible Master degrees in Robotics, to be set up; and operated in the Middle East as an extension of an existing one at ParisTech's.
  • A possible Ph.D. degree

The partners will develop a win-win long-term cooperation. The communication worldwide, the Intellectual Property, the industrial applications added value and the high leveled employment to be developed simultaneously with this ambitious project will confirm our common intents.
Student, faculty, and staff from UBT from the College of Business and Administration (CBA), the College of Engineering (CE), and the College of Advertising (JCA) are all encouraged to participate in this research.
The formed groups can propose an idea within their area of specialization. Topics might include, but are not limited to:



  • Economic feasibility
  • Business modeling
  • Prototype design
  • Awareness campaign
  • Market research
  • Industrialization
  • Engineering:
  • Sensors Image processing
  • Arm control and command
  • Information System
  • Movement control system
  • Shape design

UBT International Reserach


This research project proposal was requested by Dr. Abdullah Dahlan through UBT’s RCC center. The research objective is to highlight the importance of unused treasure Islands in the Northern part of The Red Sea, close to the seashore of the western region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The research will propose innovative projects to invest in the unique environmental and geographical gifts of islands. The research will propose scientific advice and applied projects that will contribute to the economic development of the Kingdom Vision 2030. It will propose innovative solutions in the planning and management of the islands natural resources, for sustainability, industrialization, tourism, agricultural and other services. This research project will review the literature and collect the related data on islands geographical and environmental properties. The expected output of this research will define the current status of the Red Sea Islands and propose the suitable island and suitable activity to be started. It will propose possible sustainable forms of planning, designing and constructing different possible activities, in addition to environmental, economic, marketing and management perspectives. It is proposed to collaborate with the Saudi Geological Survey (SGS). This Project will be studied from economical perspectives by CBA researchers.

Consumer satisfaction, original or pirated goods: Case study in Saudi Arabia
April is the month of Intellectual properties, and in reference to WIPO,, a research project is proposed:
Research covers:

  • How can trademarks ensure consumer confidence?
  • How pirated or copied goods can cause problems for consumers?
  • Respect to developers, inventors, designers, and artists


Research Project for Jeddah College of Advertising (JCA) Faculty and students