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Deanship of Scientific Research
Research Operation Supervisors

Research Operation Supervisors are responsible for leading the delivery of research administration services. Linked to faculties and Head of Departments (HOD), they will coordinate with faculty members, HODs and the Deanship of Scientific Research to ensure a coordinated approach to delivery and development of UBT’s research objectives.


A Research Operation Supervisor can assist you by:

  • Providing information on funded research, Scientific Chairs and the application process
  • Accessing research support (rewards, compensation, publication fees)
  • Providing information on industry based research projects
  • Keeping you informed about workshops, announcement, deadlines, etc.
  • Enabling you to implement research strategy


Meet your Research Operation Supervisor:


College of Business Administration


  • Dr. Dina S. Fadaly

Head of Accounting Department


  • Dr. Mohammad Zulfeqar Alam

Associate Professor

College of Engineering

Jeddah College of Advertising

College of Law