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Deanship of Scientific Research
Consultancy Department

The Consultancy Services Unit will put UBT experts in support of the community to contribute to the rapid development in the world of knowledge as a link between theory and practice.


  • Provide UBT’s human and material resources in order to serve and support the community.
  • Provide an advisory service to the community. - Support and harness UBT’s scientific, human and material capabilities in serving the community.
  • Share UBT’s experience and knowledge with the community to improve productivity and performance.


UBT has high caliber faculty, and expert consultants to provide advice, verify, and assess, etc. in all disciplines.
UBT staff and faculty develop systems, processes, campaigns, etc. for specific types of Projects requested by our clients, organize specific workshops, training, and research, etc. in all areas.





New request
To apply for consultancy, please fill out the relevant form and send it to:

For companies:


For individuals:



For UBT faculty members who wishe to provide consultancy services for industries, please click this link:

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