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Deanship of Scientific Research
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The Deanship of Scientific Research was established in 2013 as a Research and Consultation Center at the University of Business and Technology. Through the implementation of new strategies, hard work, and dedication the Center evolved into a Deanship in 2017. As a result, UBT was able to transform from a teaching-based university to a teaching and research-based university promoting scientific innovation and research.

The Deanship of Scientific Research supports UBT's research mission and solve problems facing the business sector and the whole economy in Saudi Arabia and the region, in line with Saudi Vision 2030 and the Development Plan 2020. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has a strategic goal; to become one of the advanced countries in science, technology and innovation by (2030) as well as creating a “knowledge-based economy and society” UBT and DSR works to fulfill this goal.

On this note, The Deanship brings together faculty members, staff, and students, unifying their efforts to develop interdisciplinary approaches to goal-oriented problems. DSR, through its Research Development Department, Economic Development Department, Publication Department, and Consultancy services link researchers and the industry together, providing an opportunity to solve current issues facing the Saudi community and economy, improve current materials, or develop new ones. Moreover, DSR looks for the industrial potential that will support the economic development of the kingdom through startups and economic development projects.

Deanship of Scientific Research serves UBT in all aspects of research and innovation: