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The commitment to quality within UBT can be traced back to 2004, when the first Quality Assurance Unit was established, within the College of Business Administration (CBA). At that time, the role of the unit aimed at building the quality culture among all CBA Faculty and Staff, as well as, establishing an internal Quality System aiming to achieve national and international accreditation.

With the establishment of the other colleges, the Quality Unit aimed at serving the quality and accreditation needs of the new colleges. In 2012 and after becoming a university (UBT), a Vice Rectorate for Quality and Development position was created, aiming to overlook the Quality and Development activities across all UBT colleges and divisions.

In order to enhance the continuous quality improvement, a Quality Management System was developed covering all university deanships and divisions. Its main objective is to maintain the quality of performance and fulfilling quality assurance standards throughout the university both academically and administratively. Moreover, a teaching and learning centre was established in 2012 to provide faculty members with various trainings to enhance the quality of learning and teaching. In 2017, TLC has been changed to Faculty Development serving the same purpose.