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Deaf Club honoring students of the Faculty of Media at the University of Business and Technology

In honor of Her Royal Highness Princess Sito bin Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, the Deaf Club for Men and Women held a meeting in Jeddah and Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry entitled "Sign Language and Means of Assistance and Dealing with the Deaf". Students of the Faculty of Advertising, Anmar Al-Sweeny, Esraa Chanoz and Fahad Basoudi. The University of Business and Technology has been encouraged to encourage its students to contribute to raising awareness about this issue and other public social issues and to raise awareness among all members of the community to enhance the treatment and integration of people with special needs. The honorary shield was received by Dr. Iman Kurdi, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, in the presence of Professor Maram Al-Sahli and the student Anmar Al-Swaini.