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How many books are students allowed to borrow at any one time? For how long?

Students are allowed to borrow 3 books at any one time; and keep them for 7 days. However, books are subject to recall after 3 days if another user requests the title. Books can be renewed only one time by presenting them to the Circulation Desk. No books can be borrowed by users who owe fines.

What happens if I delay returning /damage / lose a borrowed item?
A fine of SR 5 per day per book is leveled against overdue items from the general collection and SR 10 per day on periodicals. All fines must be paid at the Circulation desk. For damages or lost items, a replacement will be accepted provided it is an exact copy of the damaged/lost book or resource, or a SR300 fine plus the delay fine for every book; or SR 100 plus the fine for delay for the magazine lost or damaged. Notification of all unpaid fines will be sent to the Registrar and Finance Office six weeks after the date of assessment. Failure to pay fines will affect continued registration and graduation.
Can students suggest titles of books for leisure or general information?
We welcome any suggestions for further material that might be of interest to the university community.
Why we are not allowed to photocopy textbooks?
The University is bound to respect and comply with International Copyright laws and regulations.