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JCA Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of background do I need to have to enroll in JCA programs?

Our students come from varied academic backgrounds, having broad interest in the field of Advertising and marketing communications. The programs offered at JCA provide academic and career pathways in creative designing, communications planning and managerial & administrative roles in advertising and communications industries. 


Can I do more than one major?

All the programs are designed to prepare you to be a professional with appropriate skills. The three program (Advertising Communications/Management/Creative Design) are structured to provide students comprehensive understanding of professional advertising world.  Depending on the individual interest and skillset, students’ are encouraged to specialize in either for core specialization. You will get a lot of cross learning and transferable skills from all the three programs. You will be a groomed industry-ready professional, no matter which major you choose!


How long are the programs?

Length of Course Semesters & Years 4 Years - 8 semester
Delivery Mode full/part time, on/off campus, online etc Full time – On campus


What is the difference between campus locations?

Saari campus is dedicated for the females. Dahban is only for males’ campus.


Can I register online?

Yes, of course you can


How do I get an application?

The application, all related requirements and due dates for each program can be found in the apply section here.


What is the minimum score of IELTS to get enrolled in JCA?

The minimum score is 5.30


What is tuition fee?

Please follow the link here for detailed fee information


What do students do for housing?

Students coming from outside Jeddah can avail facility of Student offered by the university. Details can be found here


Is Jeddah College of Advertising accredited?

JCA as part of University of Business & Technology is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education. In addition, Jeddah College of Advertising (JCA) is the first and only accredited by the International Advertising Association (IAA), ensuring its graduates have globally recognized qualifications. All the three JCA’s programs — Bachelor of Advertising Creative Design, Bachelor of Advertising Management and Bachelor of Advertising Communication — are fully accredited by the IAA. The students who complete degree requirements at the JCA will be conferred the IAA Diploma in Marketing Communications in addition to their degree certificate from the JCA.