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JCA Communication Research Unit (CRU)


Head of Research Unit, Cristina Greco



The Jeddah College of Advertising aims to focus its research effort on particular strategic fields of study improving future prospects in the faculty development. The idea of the research unit is to create a research ambience, establish a multidisciplinary team bringing together experts on a specific research topic and work as research incubator for junior researchers, such as PhD students, lecturers and college students.
By working with qualitative and quantitative methodologies and techniques, the Communication Research Unit defines its research agenda across disciplinary boundaries. It includes (but is not limited to) different disciplines and research areas such as communication sciences, social sciences, semiotics, ethnography, media and cultural studies, critical studies in advertising, audience studies, digital marketing information and analysis, social media analytics and emerging media studies.
The Communication Research Unit also proposes to focus on the emotional and cognitive aspects of advertising and mass media effectiveness, interactive narrative, virtual environments and visual strategic communication in order to be in line with the international and innovative approaches to the study of Advertising, Media and Communication.
The Communication Research Unit emphasizes different perspectives and collaborative actions, including a research Lab, international research cooperation, joint publications, workshops, conferences and seminars, in order to support the progress, awareness and application of communication and media studies in KSA and at an international level.



Generate an academic research environment in the field of Communication and Advertising studies to produce and transfer knowledge in the community and create a learning ambience opened to the current changes and challenges at a local and global level.



  • To link the new JCA scientific production to the main objectives of the UBT Strategic Plan and Mission.
  • To establish the first JCA scientific environment supporting the creation of research groups from each JCA department, faculty members and student body.
  • To establish a positive research environment in order to produce the quality of the research on different topics and areas of interest.
  • To improve the international research collaboration with other universities.
  • To encourage faculty and students to participate in the scientific research.
  • To encourage faculty to publish in scientific journals.
  • To encourage faculty to participate in international scientific conferences.



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