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Jeddah College Of Advertising
Mission and Objectives



Creative Department Mission: To provide academic leadership in the communication industry by empowering graduates for competitive advantage by means of design knowledge and skills developed through high quality creative education and research aligned with national and international standards serving the needs of the industry and the community.



  • To provide an inspiring, creative, collaborative, and student-centered learning environment that increases their design awareness and strengthens their creativity and innovation through research and experiential learning activities.
  • To produce graduates with a profound understanding of concept development and visual production for communication projects to serve local, regional, and international advertising practices.
  • To produce competent and adaptable graduates to enter the field of Creative Advertising industry as talented and skilled professionals in the field of art direction and copywriting, creative direction, and media production.
  • To create tighter links with local and international key industry players, through collaborative projects, continuous training, and exchange of competencies.
  • Promote, integrate, and embrace state-of-the-art technology to keep pace with the ever-evolving advertising industry.