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Curriculum and Plan


Preparation Program

UBT Preparatory Program consists of non credited courses specifically designed to improve student's proficiency in English before they undertake undergraduate study and to develop and to improve student's knowledge of mathematical and analytic techniques through the medium of English Language. The program also familiarizes students with various majors available at the college, the requirements of undergraduate study and discipline in all forms.The program consist of the following courses: 

- Language Levels. By the (English Language Academy "ELA") 

- Pre-Calculus (depending on the placement test)

At first, the newly admitted student should take an English assessment test to determine his/her language skill level. Each student will be positioned according to his/her test result to the following list :


Students might be exempted from taking any courses at ELA by submitting one of the following options: IBT result of 61/120 IELTS AT result of 5.5/9 Or they have to pass the ELA placement test with a very high score 59/65 in RW. 55/60 in CM. Student may be exempted from MATH099 by passing the pre-calculus course placement test.

Advertising Creative Design Plan

It is highly important to follow the program plan during its different semesters as it was designed to prepare the students in each stage to totally benefit from the following one.It is crucial for the student to meet his/ her academic advisor and follow the study plan of his/ major closely. This would typically include taking the lower level courses in the first and second year, getting as much of the general education as possible, and then moving to take the major courses and possibly some minor courses. This is a very carefully structured process that students should closely adhere to.