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Infrastructure and Facilities


ELA’s Males Campus is located in Dahban, while the Females Campus is located at Sari in Jeddah. Dahban campus is located on a sprawling 4725 square meters of land and has its own state-of-the-art building, fully furnished with 30 classrooms, two fully equipped computer labs, and administrative facilities. Classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art educational technology – ranging from smart boards and sound systems, to highly configured computers.





User Friendly Building

ELA provides thoughtful services for special needs students. Students with special needs are furnished with accommodation plans that cater for their needs making sure they have access to quality education in coordination with student learning support center and their relevant teachers.

  • Entrances are built with small ramps from the asphalt with handrails for the convenience of special needs students. Special needs parking sites are also set aside.
  • Corridors inside the building are designed to make it easier for students with wheelchairs to move around.
  • Restrooms are designed to meet the needs of students with wheelchairs.
  • Study tables are designed to meet the needs of students with wheelchairs.

Students recreational activities and facilities

ELA Student education goes beyond the coursework. Extracurricular activities form a vital part of ELA students’ experience - creating unique opportunities for friendship and learning. Students can engage and participate in an array of activities on campus that include:

ELA Students Recreational Hall (Dahban)

ELA has an in-house Recreational Hall available to students all day long. Sports include billiards, table tennis, PS4, Foosball and more.



Fitness & Wellness Athletic Activities

ELA students have access to UBT’s overall fitness and wellness facilities. These facilities provide opportunities for students to exercise, manage stress, and stay healthy. They are convenient for students on campus and membership is free.

The facilities include gym, weight lifting, and lockers. There are also basketball courts, an indoor pool, a volleyball court, bowling alleys, snooker, billiards, and much more.


Students recreational activities and facilities at Sari Campus


ELA encourages students to actively join extracurricular activities on Campus, including clubs.

1- Arts &Crafts Club:

This club aims to enhance students’ creativity through art exhibitions and workshops. Students express themselves artistically through drawing, painting and handcrafting, practicing their cognitive skills and creativity in a relaxed environment.



2- Fitness and Health Club: This club aims to increase students’ physical activity by providing them with all facilities in the gym. Students have access to UBT facilities. The club sponsors training sessions, basketball, and volleyball games.

3- Social Activity Club:

Community Services: Students are encouraged to get involved in volunteering activities to help the community, improve their communication skills, personal growth, and confidence. The club pays extra attention to new students; and encourages them to engage with others, particularly through events and activities.