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ELA Vision & Mission

ELA Vision

To promote English language proficiency and to be a leading private academy, one that is nationally and internationally recognized through deploying the best teaching methodology whilst ensuring active language learning.

ELA Mission

ELA Mission is to provide students with the English language skills required for college education as well as the ability to communicate effectively in their professional and social life.

ELA Objectives

  • Prepare students for their academic studies at UBT.
  • Equip UBT students with the linguistic and transferrable skills needed for their professional endeavors.
  • Broaden and enrich students’ personality.
  • Develop the students’ critical thinking skills.
  • To ensure students’ utilization of digital platforms to fortify learning and develop lifelong learner identity.

ELA's Principles

  • Active learning (Learning by doing).
  • Interaction, acceptance, and communication.
  • Constructive timely feedback.