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About Career Center


The Career Center was established with the intention of establishing an effective and efficient link between the businesses and academic communities in order to facilitate and boost employment rates amongst young Saudis in the local labor market. The key role of this center is to align the needs of the employers with those of the academic community and assist employers in opening career doors for young graduates. The center also promotes the importance of gaining extra knowledge, skills, and work experience which are being offered to students by providing them part time jobs, cooperative training in various private companies, and volunteering for various activities. It also promotes extra-curricular activities and workshops. Along with the unlimited access to information, students are also provided counseling by a group of professionals enabling them to choose the right career options and help in resolving issues or specific problems that students might face during this phase. Additionally, we now have the Alumni Association’s Career Center, in which a connection is developed with the alumni for the establishment for presenting future options, which is critical to the success of any alumni relations program.