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Facilities in Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical engineering department has several workshops and laboratories, which offer hands-on experience to students to support their understanding of particular mechanical engineering courses.

Engineering Workshop

In the Workshop Lab, there are many facilities that support introductory courses in basic engineering workshop with standard equipment and tools such as lathe machine, milling machine, drilling machine, hacksaw machine, shaping machine, grinding machine, Spot welding, SMAW welding, bending machine, Shearing machine, etc.


Mechanical engineering Horizontal Milling Machine
Mechanical engineering Vertical Milling Machine
Mechanical engineering Drilling Machine
Mechanical engineering Hacksaw Machine

Mechanics of Materials lab

In the Mechanics of Materials Lab, students are able to perform tension and compression testing of a particular material to analyze its mechanical properties.

Mechanical engineeringTension-Compression Test Machine

Fluid Mechanics Lab

In the Fluid Mechanics lab, there are a few lab scale instruments for simulating fluid mechanics analysis.

Mechanical engineering

Hydraulic Machines Lab

Practical experiments will support and reinforce students’ understanding of hydraulic machines performance mechanics after learning about them in their lectures.

Mechanical engineering
Mechanical engineering

Computer Lab Facilities:

Mechanical engineering students also use computer labs relevant to their course assignments. Students utilize the facilities in computer labs for getting familiar with major software such as Auto CAD and CAE software.

Engineering Graphics Facilities:

Students also have access to engineering graphics labs. Each graphic lab is equipped with 16 graphic tables.