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The Electrical Engineering Department has been playing a pioneering role in performing research in different areas such as electrical power systems, optical communications, antenna design, computational electromagnetism, renewable energy, and wireless networks. The department faculty has been constantly carrying out theoretical and experimental research on many cutting edge technologies; and regularly publishes in IEEE, OSA and other top international journals. The department also undertakes some research projects sponsored by the University of Business and Technology Research Center..

Detailed Research Areas:

  1. Electrical power systems (Dr. Elsayed A. Elfar):
    • Electrical power forecasting and economic dispatch.
    • Electrical power transmission and distribution.
    • Electrical and electronic devices.
  2. Optical communications (Dr. Islam Ashry and Dr. Ali Elrashidi):
    • Optical wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) communication systems.
    • Optical packet and burst switching network.
    • Optical amplifiers (EDFA and SOA).
    • LED and laser.
    • Plasmonic sensors.
  3. Antenna design (Dr. Ali Elrashidi):
    • Applications of micro strip antenna.
    • Using antenna in biomedical applications.
  4. Computational electromagnetics (Dr. Naser Abuzaid and Dr. Islam Ashry):
    • Finite-elements method.
    • Finite-difference-time-domain method.
  5. Renewable energy (Dr. Elsayed Elfar and Eng. Mohammad Alkhatab):
    • Photovoltaic power generator.
    • Polymeric solar cells.
    • Improving the efficiency of solar cells.
    • Hybrid solar-wind energy systems.
  6. Wireless networks (Eng. Deiaa Eid and Dr. Ali Elrashidi):
    • Wireless sensor networks.
    • Electrophysiological devices.


Selected publications:

  1. Islam Ashry, Baigang Zhang, Stefan V. Stoianov, Chalongrat Daengngam, James R. Heflin, Hans D. Robinson, and Yong Xu, “Probing the photonic density of states using layer-by-layer self-assembly," Optics Letters. 1835, 37, 2012.
  2. Islam Ashry, Chalongrat Daengngam, Ishac Kandas, James R. Heflin, Hans D. Robinson,  and  Yong  Xu,  “Self-assembled  nano-materials  for  nonlinear  fiber optics and tunable plasmonics," SPIE Conference. August 25, 2013.
  3. Nader Shehata, Kathleen Meehan, Islam Ashry, Ishac Kandas, and Yong Xu, “Lanthanide-doped   ceria  nanoparticles   as   fluorescence-quenching  molecular probes for dissolved oxygen," Sensors and Actuators B. 179, 183, 2013.
  4. Ishac Kandas, Baigang Zhang, Chalongrat Daengngam, Islam Ashry, Chih-Yu Jao, Hans D. Robinson, James R. Heflin, Lan Yang, and Yong Xu, “High quality factor silica microspheres functionalized with self-assembled nanomaterials," Optics Express. 20601, 21, 2013.
  5. H. H. EL-Tamaly, E.A.EL-Sayed and Abo_H .M. EL-Sayed, Judicious Operation Of Different Types Of Induction Motors Fed By PVPS’’, Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering, El-Minia university, Vol.16, No.1, June, 1997, pp. 113-123.
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  7. E. A. Elsayed “Computerized Controller of Electrical Power Distribution System (Design and Implementation)" Under publication.
  8. E. A. EL-sayed and F. M. EL-kady, “Enhancement of voltage Stability of Ring Distribution System by Optimum Reactive Power Planning”, (accepted and under publication).
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Applied Research submitted to UBT Research center 

         Principal Investigator: Dr. Elsayed Abdel Razek Elfar
         Co-investigator: Eng. Deiaa Eid
         Principal Investigator: Deiaa Ali Abdelaziz Eid
         Co-investigator: Dr. Elsayed A. Elfar