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Academic Assessment is a process, carried out by neutral third parties, whereby the academic standards of an academic institution are measured against agreed national (National Organization for Assessment and Accreditation, NCAAA) or international (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, ABET) standards. The most prominent consideration in the assessment process is the effectiveness of teaching and training methods employed by an institution in improving the knowledge and skills of its students. It is especially important that the teaching and training provided should prepare students for, and be relevant to real world applications of their learning.  

CE always strives to achieve the best quality of teaching and research based on NCAAA standards. Every effort is made to inculcate the principles of accreditation within the mainstream culture of employees, faculty members, administrators and students. Workshops and seminars are offered by the Department for Academic Accreditation to the teaching faculty, introducing them to the philosophy underlying working as an integrated team on the academic and developmental work of the organization. Self-assessment of teaching practice, based on NCAAA standards, has been completed by all engineering departments identifying strengths, weaknesses and challenges of all processes in the college. Consequently, all academic programs have been reviewed and curricula and study plans have been updated.

What is NCAAA?

The National Commission for Academic Accreditation & Assessment (NCAAA) has been established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the responsibility for determining standards and criteria for academic accreditation and assessment and for accrediting postsecondary institutions and their programs. The Commission is committed to a strategy of encouraging, supporting and evaluating the quality assurance processes of postsecondary institutions to ensure that the quality of learning and management of institutions are equivalent to the highest international standards. These high standards and levels of achievement must be widely recognized both within the Kingdom and throughout the world.

CE intends to apply for NCAAA accreditation during the year 2014, and for ABET accreditation in 2016