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Careers and Employability

The HRM program at the CBA enables our graduates to work for well-known domestic and international organizations such as King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC), Emaar, Basamah, BinZagar, Bupa Arabia, Sunbulah Group, IKEA, Juffali (Mercedes Benz), Zahid Group. Students benefit from the opportunities given to them by the program to advance their analytical and practical skills, as they are able to:

  • Secure an internship to complete their COOP training
  • Work and network with employers from a wide-range of domestic and international corporations
  • Attend focused workshops and seminars to enhance their skills and experience (e.g., field trips to NCB and Bupa Arabia)
  • Volunteer at the annual UBT career fair
  • Participate in challenges and competitions

Our graduates are qualified to pursue employment opportunities in the following:

  • Recruitment: recruitment data building and recruitment market analysis. 

  • Selection and placement. 

  • Training, planning, and training research. 

  • Developing reward and compensation systems. 

  • Performance appraisal systems. 

  • Health and safety management. 

  • Manpower planning strategies. 

  • Building and managing HR management information systems. 

  • Consultation firms and training in all types of institutions.