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College of Business Administration
Message from The Dean of Jeddah Campus

UBT CBA Dean Jeddah campus
Dr. Yussra
Shihab Jamjoom

Dear Students, 

It is with great honor and pride that we welcome you to the College of Business Administration (CBA). At College of Business Administration, we consistently inspire and lead our students in achieving social, academic and vocational skills applicable in their future endeavors. Through our committed staff and up-to-date facilities, we aim to create a conducive learning environment.
Without a doubt, CBA is leading the market with its various departments by offering Bachelor Degrees in Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Management of Information System, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management and Insurance.
CBA’s core curriculum, which is based on international standards, uniquely ties together the pieces of business school education into a meaningful whole. It grounds students in business basics while allowing them to develop expertise in specific areas of business. Our programs are designed to ensure that our students actively engage with the material presented to them. By being engaged, learning is deeper. Practical skills as working collaboratively, problem solving, providing captivating arguments, and effectively interacting and demonstrating all means by which a strategy can be successfully executed are thus enhanced.
Once and for all, CBA is a brilliant student-oriented learning environment involving a well-founded team of self-driven students, an engaging faculty, and a caring group of advisors and departmental personnel.
Thank you for your interest in our college, and I invite you to join a team dedicated to advancing your academic and professional career in business.

Dr. Yussra Shihab Jamjoom

College of Business Administration Jeddah Campus.