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Director Message


Greetings Fellow Alumni and Future Alumni:

UBT CBA Dean Jeddah campus
Dr. Megren A. Altassan

As a proud alumnus who graduated from the College of Business Administration at UBT back in 2007 and a motivated current member of the university’s faculty, I could not be any prouder of our graduates’ and university's accomplishments and efforts throughout the past years and I am looking forward to the future accomplishments too. Each year the Alumni Center’s mission is to represents the effectiveness of UBT graduates. By keeping our alumni informed, involved, and invested in the alumni community and the future of UBT. Working closely with UBT, and offering communications, events, benefits, and services for our current and future alumni.


My main mission as the Director of Alumni Center is to inspire our graduates and to create the best efforts to manage our alumni’s affairs and to connect, help, and acknowledge UBT’s alumni by fostering relations, loyalty, and joy in the support of creating a strong bridge and building lasting alumni connections through having a continuous engagement and contact between UBT and our alumni.


I invite UBT’s alumni to use their passion to envision, create, and work together as one complete community. Together we can build a better future for us and our beautiful country.

Dr. Megren A. Altassan
Director of Alumni Center