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Registration Department


The Executive Responsibilities

  1. Updating the registration dates (Calendar) in (Opera) program according to the accredited calendar of the semester.
  2. Implementing the procedures of courses’ registration for the students.
  3. Pursuance the courses’ registration process and the orientation system through (Opera Online) with the collaboration of IT department.
  4. Printing the students’ schedules according to the accredited system and procedures.
  5. Participating in preparing the university academic calendar.

Registration Procedures

  • Student must be regular (active) or new (fulfilled all the admission requirements including the English language) to be able to use the online registration system.
  • Students’ GPA must be at least 2.0 out of 5.0 during the registration period.
  • Pay all the pending financial dues for the previous semesters.
  • Pay the required semester fees.
  • Pay the required tuition for the requested courses before adding the courses online.
  • Adding the courses will be done through the university website ( by Opera online system.

Registration Processes

Signing in to Opera online system:

  • Entering the university’s website (
  • Click on (E- services)
  • Click on (Opera online)
  • Choose the college
  • Enter the username and password (Given by the admission department) Click on (Registration)
  • The registration screen will include the following icons:
    • (Course list) the suggested courses according to the student’s academic plan.
    • (Add course) the page for choosing the course
    • (Drop course) deleting the course
    • (Swap section) transferring to another section for the same course.
    • (Swap course) exchanging between two courses
    • (Withdraw course) quit the course

Instructions for Registering Courses

  • Extra fees will be issued for (drop course , swap section , swap course) during the late registration period .
  • During every registration students must make sure they reach the confirmation page.
  • During any process of registration , dropping , swapping section or course the operation fees will appear before the confirmation page.
  • It is essential to refer to the academic calendar for the adding and dropping periods by entering the university website ( then clicking on the calendar icon and choosing the semester.