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Graduation Steps and Procedures


Steps and Procedures

  • List all students expected to graduate during the semester who completed the registration of all courses of their plans and don’t have any remaining courses (Remaining courses =0). And their Academic status is "Other" through the registration system (OPERA), before the end of the semester.
  • Review and audit students data making sure they completed their plans and their requirements.
  • After revision process , the list of graduates is presented to university council to authorize their graduation in case all graduation requirements are met.
  • Contact the expected graduates to fill the form of “graduation request” with a copy of the Passport attached to update his/her name in the system (OPERA) according to the name in the passport.
  • After the completion of all the graduation requirements of the expected graduates by monitoring their final grade mark , their academic status is changed to “pending" through the online system (OPERA).
  • Student GPA is calculated and his/her status is changed to “Approved”
  • Send the final list of all of the graduating students who have completed all the requirements of the subjects successfully to the competent colleges for review and authorizing their graduation, and changing their academic status to (Graduated).
  • Print and prepare certificates and transcripts according to the accredited graduates list.
  • Coordination with the students graduating to receive the certificates and transcripts, along with all original documents in their official academic files , after attending and signing the release form of the parties of all the relevant authorities in the university.
  • The process of Signing the official documents of the graduates is done by the end of every Gregorian month.
  • Provide the secretariat of the university council with the lists of actual graduates from all the accredited original list.