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International Students


The student from outside the kingdom is a student who is not a Saudi citizen and who resides outside the kingdom and wants to complete his/her studies at the University of Business and technology from outside the kingdom


International Students

If you would like enroll to the University of Business and technology and your residence outside the kingdom, you must match the following rendering terms:

  • Public secondary certificates from outside Saudi Arabia are required to be certified by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in that country with the need for evidence that applicant’s high-level general secondary is completed from the applicant's country.
  • The applicant must obtain high School Certificate from outside Saudi Arabia and after completing his/her initial admission procedures at the university with the promise to extract a certificate equivalent to the secondary certificate from the administration of equations at the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia, within a maximum of one semester.
  • Should obtain minimum of 70% GPA for all colleges except for college of engineering requires minimum 75% of the general secondary school of secondary school holders or in Saudi Arabia or abroad.
  • The applicant should be a student of good character and manner
  • The applicant should have not been studying high school for more than five years and has passed the English language Proficiency test or the sixth level of the Academy English at the university, or to provide a certificate (TOEFL) of at least 59 (IB) or IELTS certificate to a minimum of 5
  • The student must be medically fit • The applicant should not have an expelled from another university for disciplinary reasons


* For alert: The university does not guarantee the issuance of a student visa but will strive to achieve it.

Stages of admission to the undergraduate level of the student from outside the kingdom


  • The applicant must read the admission terms of the university colleges on the University website ( by clicking on (placing your link acceptance requirements)
  • Fill in the Electronic acceptance form by clicking on (Apply Now), then selecting the form by degree and sex.
  • Create a username and password for the ability to fill out the electronic acceptance form by pressing (SIGN UP)
  • Fill all the referenced data and upload all the required documents to the university website
  • Submit the form and documents electronically on the university website after reading and acknowledging the laws in the last form.
  • Payment of an acceptance fee of SAR 1,000 through the fund at the university using the Registered number.
  • After payment of the student's admission fee, a date for the English language determination test will be set in case of unavailability of (TOEFL or IELTS )and a date for math testing across the link in the electronic acceptance form that was previously filled in.
  • Review of the admissions departments of the university (male- Dahban), and (female- Sari) with original documents before the first three-hour test for final acceptance and university number