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Message from the Chairman


UBT Chairman
Dr. Abdullah Sadiq Dahlan

The University of Business and Technology (UBT) was the pioneer of Saudi Universities to specialize in business studies. It was established to provide specialized and trained entrepreneurs, skilled professionals and business leaders for the public and private sector. Many years later, we are the forefront of becoming a key source of our nation’s most qualified individuals who will contribute to the enhancement and development of Saudi Arabia’s financial infrastructure, as well as continue to advance the kingdom as a global economic competitor.

UBT was founded on the idea that theoretical application must be applicable to the practical ‘real life’ current job market. However, the major goal initiated by the university founders and management was to build an academic institution that rivaled, in national and global standing, any top world ranked university. After twelve years of hard work and dedication to this goal, the university reached a milestone by becoming the first college in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to receive NCAAA accreditation.

Being ‘the first’ means we are the standard bearers; the pace setters that must remain vigilant in our vision. This doesn’t mean we can rest; but longer strides are now to be taken, and harder efforts need to be exerted to reach the next plateau.