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Vision and Mission

To be a leading university, recognized nationally and internationally for high-quality interdisciplinary education, applied research, and strategic partnerships to develop skilled and competent leaders of the future.


UBT is a private university that offers high-quality undergraduate and graduate education responsive to market needs. The university prepares students with transferable skills required to excel as industry leaders and entrepreneurs. UBT is committed to leveraging applied research and provides an environment that helps students, faculty, and alumni pursue life-long learning.

Core Values

  • Leadership.
  • High Quality.
  • Innovation.
  • Integrity and Ethics.
  • Passion.
  • Efficiency.
  • Community Involvement.


UBT strategic objectives reflect a holistic approach to achieving its vision and mission and were determined along three dimensions education, research, and community. Eleven Strategic objectives have been identified across these dimensions that would help UBT realize its vision and mission.


  • Attract high-caliber students and increase enrollments annually based on UBT’s capacity
  • Ensure continuous improvement and maintenance of quality standards at the University aligned with national and international accreditation standards
  • Continuously develop and improve the quality of the academic staff
  • Attain and maintain national and international accreditation for all UBT programs
  • Promote entrepreneurial skills in UBT students enhance the education al process
  • Enhance the administrative performance and effectiveness of UBT


  • Attract qualified faculty members inclined to maintain high quality education and research
  • Promote applied research culture to encourage faculty to be involved in research activities
  • Promote collaboration with other organizations for joint research


  • Institutionalize external affairs, alumni and industry relations and corporate social responsibility