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Message from the Rector


UBT Rector
Prof. Osama A. Jannadi

Welcome to University of Business and Technology (UBT),  one of the leading private universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, recognized nationally and internationally for high quality education.  UBT offers high quality undergraduate and graduate education responsive to market needs in three specialized academic areas: business, engineering, and media (mainly advertising).  The burgeoning increase of Saudi population and the parallel demand for excellent education prompted the establishment of  different universities and UBT is one of those to continue to meet these needs.

Our institution prepares students with specialist knowledge, transferable skills, and work ethics required to top as industry leaders and entrepreneurs likewise committed to the fullest influence of up to date practices and provides an environment that caters and pursues life learning process.  For the past 14 years,  we worked so hard and will continue to do so to continuously sustain the respect and loyalty of our students, parents, alumni, valued employers and partners.

UBT focuses on quality education and continuous improvement, in fact,  five of our CBA Programs have been accredited in 2010 by the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA). We are working hard to earn international accreditations as well to all our university programs.  

I believe,  and I can say with pride that at UBT,  you will uncover the opportunities that are needed for achieving your goal in the future as part of UBT’s key objectives across three dimensions:  learning, knowledge creation  and community service.  Finally,  I warmly welcome and invite you  to visit us and explore our website at

Wish you all the best.

Prof. Osama A. Jannadi

University Rector