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Global Reach

UBT Vision is to “be a leading university, recognized nationally and internationally for high-quality interdisciplinary education, and applied research, through strategic partnerships to develop skilled and competent leaders of the future.” Since its foundation, UBT has been keen on reflecting that image and practice as a University with global reach and influence.

Accordingly, and in line with its Core Values and Objectives, all aspects related to UBT leadership, academics, quality and development, innovation, facilities and services, student performance and satisfaction, as well as international university partnerships reflect on world-wide standards of performance and excellence.



    International Students

Some 40 nationalities are represented among the undergraduate and graduate students, both female and male. With our entire University curriculum in English language, our students largely contribute to an enriched blend of internationalization at UBT, both in class environments and in student projects and activities.


    International Faculty

Attracting leading academics and elites in their respective fields, UBT international faculty staff come from more than 20 different nationalities. In coherence with UBT Vision, they match the standards and expectations of world-wide education, guiding students along their Education for Job Opportunities, both in Saudi Arabia and abroad.


University Partnerships

UBT has developed distinguished relations and cooperation with a number of renowned international universities, higher education institutions and professional training centers around the world. The scope of such cooperation ranges from:

    student exchange programs
    double-degree programs
    joint scholarship projects
    consultations in academic affairs and development
    joint research projects and publications. 

Among the partnerships are with: