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College of Business Administration is organizing for the yearly event “CBA Business Days”. The event will be held on 11th and 12th of March 2019. The event will take place at University of Business & Technology (UBT) Jeddah campus in Jeddah.
Event theme “Together towards a better tomorrow” reflecting the main purpose of the event which is emphasize the role of our educational programs in refining the skills of our students as future businesswomen and leaders. This event gives the UBT undergraduates a platform to present their projects as well as share their experiences and knowledge with others.
In addition, the event will also feature around 25th workshops given by distinguished professionals, CBA faculty members and students. These workshops represent various business majors that are taught at the CBA. The purpose of these workshops revolves around developing our students’ theoretical and practical abilities. Notably, these workshops are going to be open to the public to accentuate the CBA’s agenda with respect to supporting local communities.
Furthermore, the event will encompass several of panel discussions related to all CBA majors, these lectures will be given by exceptional guest speakers. The event will also consist of a number of sessions given by Alumni students who are now successful employees in distinguished organizations.
Primarily, a number of companies are invited to attend the event in order to advise our students of prospective employment opportunities at their establishments. Of note, we are proud to state that our students are a crucial part in organizing and running this event as they are in charge of many significant tasks like guiding the guests and advising potential students of the CBA’s various majors.
In view of that, the upcoming sections introduce the objectives of the event, the expected outcomes, event’ highlights, relevant information, and room allocation.

إفتتاح فعاليات
Business days - 2019
في جامعة الأعمال والتكنولوجيا -قسم الطالبات- بحضور رئيس مجلس الأمناء ، وعدد من قادة الجامعة.

د.عبدالله دحلان /
برنامج متخصص لقطاع التجزئة ، هذا القطاع أحد القطاعات التي تستوعب مئات الآلاف من الشباب السعوديين الخريجين.

عميدة كلية ادارة الاعمال الدكتوره يسرى جمجوم ٤٠٪؜ خريجات الكلية رائدات عمل ومساهمين في عجلة التنمية.

د.عبدالله دحلان رئيس مجلس الأمناء/ جامعة الأعمال والتكنولوجيا /كلية إدارة الأعمال حريصه كل الحرص على أن تسير نحو اتجاهات الدولة في سعودة الوظائف في جميع القطاعات.