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Academic E-Services



Is the known open source web based learning management system that is used in lots of universities and schools all around the world. It is the main communication link between the instructor and the students. Each registered student will have his/her course listed each academic term in Moodle. Instructors are able to use Moodle to post course materials such as presentations, handouts, projects and they are able to communicate with the students using messages, chat and discussion forums. They can also assess the student using quizzes and assignments and other tools.



Is the known leading plagiarism software. It is integrated with Moodle, so both instructors and students use the Turnitin Tool when they login to Moodle. Instructors can use Turnitin to detect plagiarized papers and view the similarities percentage to outside content in the web or other published resources. It can help to detect previously submitted work by previous students in the university or in any other universities. Students also can use Turnitin to submit their assignments and view the similarity report to learn what mistakes they have done.


E-Mail-Microsoft Office365

Office 365 is the main E-mail system provided specifically to the UBT students. It provides Email services, file sharing, sky drive cloud storage with capacity of xxxx GB, online conferencing, public website and Office web application.


McGraw-Hill Campus

Is a Book resources tool provided by McGraw-Hill to our campuses though integration with Moodle. It allows the teacher a free access to McGraw-Hill book resources such as instructor materials: presentations, test banks and solution manuals. It also provide the tools of Connect to customize an e-learning platform based on the resources of the, and also instructors are able to customize an E-book version collected from several McGraw-Hill books. Student can access the customized book and the customized e-learning platform and have access to quizzes and exercises provided by the instructor. McGraw-Hill is always in contact with UBT to provide their continuous support.


Pearson Labs

Are e-learning lab activities, exercises, tutorials and assessments that come with Pearson books. Students get to access the labs per purchasing the book required for the courses. Pearson Team is always in contact with UBT for their continuous support & cooperation. Example of labs: STAT lab, Finance lab, IT lab, and others.


Computer Simulations

Are simulations provided with specific courses such as Marketing, HR, MIS and Finance. They include license student usage for educational simulations used by the instructor of the class and applied by the students.


Smart Classroom software

UBT campuses install smart software in each classroom and in each instructor computer. The smart software includes smart notebook and smartboard software and such. It allows the teacher to customize and design his/her own lectures to be interactive and animated and present it inside the classroom using the smart touch boards. It transform a rigid text lecture into a creative, innovative interactive experience inside the classroom. The students enjoy smartboard lectures and they get to experience the board when presenting their projects themselves or solve exercises on the board.



Is UBT’s own customized E-system, it is the main academic system used by students, faculty members and academic and admin staff. It is a set of all sort of different internal applications. It combines course registration, grading, Opera online, attendance, students’ portal and such. Listed below the details.


  1. Opera Grading: Is the main grading system used by faculty members to edit, update and finalize students’ grades during the academic term. Part of UBT’s policy, students should be informed with their grades continuously throughout the term. Faculty members have access to Opera grading in campus, or off campus through the use of Remote Apps service. Students have access through Opera Online.
  2. Opera Attendance: Allows the faculty members to take the attendance of all students inside the class room. It helps the instructor to know who is registered in the course, and also it keeps tracks of their daily attendance. Faculty members have access to Opera attendance in campus, or off campus through the use of Remote Apps service. Students can keep track of their attendance and view it through Opera Online.
  3. Opera Online: Is the main students’ portal to access his/her Opera related information such as registration, grades and attendance. I t allows student to go online and access their academic system information allowing them to register online for their courses, view and edit their own personal records, view the grades, study plan, transcripts, acknowledgement letter and financial statements.



UBT’s E-library contains subscriptions to different journals and online catalog, listed below:


  1. Online Catalog: SirsiDynix - The central library online catalog with access to books, journals, magazines, audio-visual materials fiction and non-fiction and course reserve.
  2. Online Journals:
    ProQuest – Is a resource of electronic collections containing millions of documents originally published in magazines, newspapers, and journals.
    EBSCO Publishing - Access to Wilson Database. It caters to the information needs of researchers at every level by providing libraries and other institutions with the content and services needed to bring the latest and best information to researchers.
    The Free Library- it includes a massive collection of periodicals from hundreds of leading publications covering Business and Industry, Communications, Entertainment, Health, Humanities, Law, Government, Politics, Recreation and Leisure, Science and Technology, and Social Sciences. This collection includes millions of articles dating back to 1984 as well as newly-published articles that are added to the site daily.
  3. Other online catalog:
    On-Line Public Access Catalog System (OPAC)

King Abdulaziz University (KAU) Library.


Remote Apps services:

Allow remote access to authorized staff and faculty members to access remote desktop, Opera Grading and Opera attendance.