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About Research Development Department

In the pursuit of research excellence, the University of Business and Technology encourages faculty members to transfer knowledge to society for any area of applications. Accordingly, incentives have been offered to faculty members to foster a research culture within the university; and this has been reflected in the number of publications.


Research development: supporting researchers in their research activities – e.g., funding (internally or externally), Scientific chairs, data collection and statistical analysis.


To provide a perfect research environment for researchers from all around the globe.


Bringing together all UBT members and students through funding, supporting, guiding, and recognizing.

Goals and objectives:

  1. Orient and guide researchers toward innovative and creative ideas applied in different business sectors.
  2. Help researchers in developing their ideas.
  3. Facilitate access to labs and facilities for conducting research.
  4. Host prominent scientists to conduct different seminars & workshops
  5. Host visiting professors to establish research projects and international collaborations
  6. Help researchers in preparing proposals, and acquiring funding for their research topics.
  7. Help researchers in collaborating with national and international research centers.

Research Development