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Industry Partnership Unit

Welcome to the Industry Partnership Unit where we create collaboration between the University of Business and Technology and industries. To facilitate this, a program called the Industry Membership Program was created. The Industry Membership Program was designed to promote communication between academia and industries in order to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to industies.

Based on membership fees, this program provides an opportunity for an industry to contribute to academia specifically through research, consultancy, scientific chairs, careers and many other areas of interest.

Members receive a membership package including many services from UBT such as:

  • Access to the latest research findings
  • Participation in technical events
  • Access to the best and most productive graduate students as prospective employees

The Industry Membership Program will serve UBT by:

  • Supporting research in one or more research flagship
  • Providing opportunity for interaction among industry members, faculty members, and students
  • Enriching students’ educational experience
  • Maintaining its credibility
  • Contributing to its mission of teaching and research

Pros for a collaboration between the University and Industries:
For the University:

  • Faculty/Researcher Retention & Recruitment
  • Student Recruitment & Job Placement
  • Make your community more attractive to industry
  • Reputation
  • Applied research & project
  • Problem-solving
  • Sponsorship

For the Industry:

  • Workforce Development
  • Expertise – Access to world-class talent
  • Access to a large pool of potential subjects
  • Facilities/specialized equipment
  • On-the-shelf solutions
  • Consultant
  • Problem solvers

Guide for a successful partnership:

  • Support the mission of each partner
  • Strengthen the coalition
  • Remove barriers
  • Focus on fostering appropriate, long-term partnerships
  • a win-win scenario
  • Concentrate more on the objectives of the alliance, not the minutia of contract terms
  • Strategic collaboration



Memberships; UBT offers







Booth on the University Campus

Booth 4m²

Booth 1m²



Facilities to promote the company at UBT


Booth on career day

Access to senior students (PhD / Ms / Post doc) and Alumni DataBase for employment

Invitation to UBT Industrial Day

Access to attend workshops


Visibility of their name and logo


Overview of the R&D work done

Access to UBT Labs


Propose research projects to UBT for the company


Up to 7

Up to 2


Access to seed fund program, start-up and spin-off opportunities


Access to interns

Opportunity to join pilot project initiatives as a prelude to commercialization


Consultancy projects


Up to 7

Up to 2


Visibility of the company on graduation day


Discounts for UBT symposia, colloquia, and seminars


Membership in the Advisory College board


Membership Fees (in SAR)






Current Partnership


Organization Logo
Arab British Chamber of Commerce
Arab-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Federation of GCC Chambers
Jeddah Chamber
Saudi Council of Engineers
Springer Nature
China-Arab states technology & culture transfer center
Cisco Systems, Inc
Strategic Sustainability Solutions
Wadi Makkah
Global Council for tolerance and Peace
Arabian Mehad Excellence LTD