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Seed Fund

Empower UBT to improve student outcomes by creating unique solutions that are custom tailored to the needs of their communities.
Scope (the Seed Fund Programs targets students, faculty, and staff of UBT):

  • To prepare new leaders of the future
  • To inspire young entrepreneurs
  • To reward innovative and creative thinking

If a group of students (or faculty) has an innovative idea, they can apply for the Seed Fund program to get their idea financed, so they can create their start-up. To apply to the Seed Fund Program, applicants must follow the process described below.

The Seed Fund proposals will be evaluated by a committee composed by the Founding Board Members who will evaluate the proposals using the following criteria:

  • Importance of the research/education/service topic to the field of knowledge; and its relevance to our educational, research and service mission.
  • Caliber of the proposed activity.
  • Level of involvement of students/postdocs/faculty/staff.
  • Likelihood of success in achieving project goals.
  • Impact on internationalization of our curricula, education, research, and our service activities at the departmental, college and campus levels.
  • Impact on the global competence of our students, faculty, and staff.
  • Potential for strengthening and/or expanding our international/global engagements and partnerships, particularly of our strategic international partnerships.

Likelihood that this activity can be leveraged to help in securing outside funding and/or contribute to future funding.
There are two Seed Fund calls per year:


  • January
  •  June

Get your research funded:

  • Please, click on the link below to download the Seed Fund Policies & Procedures:
    Download (word document)

Polices : Seed Fund grants will be awarded based on a two-part application process:

  1. A written application (provided application).
  2. An oral presentation of the project.
  • Please click on the link below to apply to Seed Fund:


Business and Entrepreneurship Hospital

The Business and Entrepreneurship Hospital (BEH) program was first introduced as the Business and Entrepreneurship Clinics program at the Entrepreneurship Fair (EF), part of the Career and Entrepreneurship Fair (CEF) at the University of Business and Technology on April 17-19, 2017. BEH is a dedicated group of clinics for troubled entrepreneurs and companies; or companies that are facing problems, are exhausted from challenges, and are in need of help. The BEH program helps and supports entrepreneurs and SMEs by providing them with:

  • Advice and consultancy
  • Guidance & Orientation
  • Mentorship
  • Training
  • Programs
  • Links to success stories
  • Link Entrepreneurship Enablers

The BEH program consists of two phases;
The first phase is a mentorship and consultancy program – 6 weeks long at UBT. It is composed of specialized and experienced experts who will provide mentorship and consultancy.
The process starts with the diagnosis, to identify causes of the company’s illness. Based on the diagnosis, experts will review the results, analyze them, and recommend the right treatment. The medications will help Entrepreneurs and SMEs regain their health.
By the end of the BEH Mentorship and Consultancy program, every attendee will be equipped with a business briefcase that includes:

  • 30 s Elevator Pitch
  • 15 min investor PPT
  • Executive Summary
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Strategy
  • Market Pain and solution
  • Market opportunity
  • Management Team
  • Board of Advisors
  • Achievements and assets
  • Customers/Partners
  • Competitors
  • Technology and IP
  • Business Model
  • Financial Projects
  • Fundraising
  • Investor/ Partner Strategy
  • Non-Disclosure agreement
  • Proposals for Partnering
  • Executive Summary (A4/A3)
  • 2 min animated video
  • Others




The second phase is the deal or no deal day. It is a one-day event where everyone who visits the UBT BEH will pitch in, and present their briefcase to Angel investors to make their final deals.

Criteria of selection:

There is only one criteria of selection to participate in the BEH program; the innovation.
The more innovative your idea or start-up is, the greater the chance you have to participate in the program. Always find an added value to your idea, and focus on it when answering the registration forms.



  • Please, click on the link below to download the Business and Entrepreneurship Hospital Policies & Procedures:
    Download (word document)
  • Please click on the relevant link below to apply to Business and Entrepreneurship Hospital:


A: If you have an already existing start-up or small business; and you want to grow it or to make it stronger, please fill the following form:
B: If you have an idea, and you want to create your own business based on that idea, please fill the following form:


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