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UBT Hosts Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Association of Language Teachers(KSAALT) Conference

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Association of Language Teachers (KSAALT) Conference was hosted by the University of Business and Technology on Saturday February 25, 2017. The conference was opened by the Director General, and Director of the English Language Academy, Dr. Aiman Maghrabi and Mrs. Lamees Al-Alawi, respectively. It was attended by HE UBT Rector, Prof. Hussein Al-Alawi, HE the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ali Tawati, HE the CEO of UBT Company Dr. Mohanad Dahlan, HE the Director General of CEC and International University Relations, Dr. Amir Dhia, in addition to English Language experts, teachers, and some 300 participants from different institutes.

15 workshop sessions were conducted, focusing on appropriate methodologies of teaching and learning the English Language, with the objective of enhancing English language teachers and persuading students to acquire the essential skills of the language. UBT Faculty presented five workshops that were highly appreciated for the level of proficiency and quality, Mr. Abdul-Qader Haimour (ELA Dahban) ‘’ Relative Clause Formation and Arab EFL Learners’’, Ms. Assma Hakami (ELA Jeddah) ‘’ Teaching Vocabulary Through Drawings and Storytelling”, Ms. Warqaa Hamidaddin (ELA Jeddah) ‘’ Don’t be Outdated be Upgraded!’’, Ms. Judy Houry ( ELA Jeddah) ‘’ Dealing with behavioral problems in the classroom’’ and Ms. Nouf Al-Harbi ( ELA Jeddah) ‘’ The Blessing of Language Delayed Students in the Classroom’’.