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The Master of Science in Engineering The Master of Science in Engineering Management Program (MEM) is a two-year 42-unit curriculum combining the expertise of the College of Engineering and the College of Business Administration to provide management and engineering knowledge to help bridge the gap and give the graduates education for job opportunity and distinct advantage. The MEM program is offered as a master degree in Engineering Management with an area of concentration which are Construction Management, Industrial Management and Quality Management.
MEM program provides working engineers with technical leadership skills while simultaneously assessing the financial risks and benefits to the corporation, managing human and technical resources, and making high-risk decisions from a system perspective in an uncertain environment.
The MEM program with options is structured as: 21 credit hours of core courses in Engineering Management, 6 credit hours of core courses in Business Administration, 6 credit hours in one Area of Concentration and 6 credit hours of approved Technical Electives. 3 credit hours in Case Study project in the chosen area of concentration. The program is distinguished by:

  • MEM curriculum follows a worldwide standard and approved by Western Michigan University. 
  • Classes are taught in the English language.
  • Recognition of MOE, KSA.