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Services offered by the Central Library:

Borrowing Privileges
UBT students, faculty and staff possessing a valid UBT ID are entitled to borrowing library material upon presentation of their UBT ID card. All references can be borrowed except Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Maps, periodicals, and Textbooks.

Loan Period
Students:3 books for a week – with possibility of renewal for another week.
Faculty members: 10 books for a semester - with possibility of renewal for the same period.
Staff: 3 books for two weeks - with possibility of renewal for the same period.

Items borrowed from the Library may be re-borrowed ONLY if the item is brought to the Circulation Desk, and if there is no other borrower waiting for the same item. Renewals by telephone are not accepted..
Overdue Charges

Books:There will be a charge for overdue book(s) of (SR5) per book per day (Sun-Thu).

Lost Material Charge

If an item is lost, the Library should be contacted immediately.

The following will be charged for lost items:

Option 1: The user has to replace the lost item with an identical copy within 2 weeks.
Option  2: If the user is unable to replace the lost item, the borrower must pay a charge of SR300.
Damage to Library Materials

Books and other items held in the library are the property of UBT. Instances of damage to material or ripping-of pages from books will be handled through the appropriate legal authorities at the University.