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College Of Engineering

The Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Business and Technology offers a bachelor degree in industrial engineering, which enables undergraduates to get in industry within various fields such as Industrial management systems, supply chain management, total quality management, and production/service system improvement, to increase the productivity and to reduce both variability and waste.
In addition, Industrial engineering focuses on human factors and on engineering safety systems. We offer undergraduate Industrial Engineering program, which was designed to comply with the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.
Job opportunities Jobs in the field of industrial engineering can be very diverse, as an example industrial engineers can work in the following areas:

Production Engineering: Working in factories to design layout, improve the production system, and reduce waste.

Quality Management: Quality control/assurance engineer, the application international standards for quality, defects reduction, increasing customer satisfaction Safety.

Human Factors Engineer: Working in area of safety engineering to ensure no injuries or accidents happens to the work force, designing systems and products that are safe for human use.

Supply chain management: Production planning and control, inventory management, purchasing and sales of technical products, inspection of imported products.

Project management, feasibility studies, maintenance management, consultancy and organizational development. In the area of industrial engineering, students are being prepared with practical knowledge that will enable them from benefiting from Information technology and technical skills in their field. This is accomplished from a combination of lectures, experiments, practical case studies, group mini projects, and visits to factories and production systems.