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College of Business Administration
Head of the Department and Faculty Staff

Providing high-quality academic education is the prime goal of CBA. A number of our faculty members in MIS Department have Ph.D. degrees from internationally known universities and are highly qualified with varied experience. Management Information Systems are the backbone of any business and industry in the present-day fast-paced and competitive business world. Our well-qualified and dedicated faculty members in MIS Department strive hard to equip its students with top quality education in this important field of business knowledge incorporating the latest advances in classroom teaching technology and modern teaching techniques, projects-preparation, student-teacher interaction as well as practical on-job training session.

Head of the Department and Faculty members

The Head of MIS Department;
Dr. Fahad Aldhaban, Phone Extension:2159211, E-mail:

Head of Department (Female Campus):
Dr. Amira Turki, Phone Extension:2159050,