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College of Business Administration
Careers and Employability

The Insurance program at the CBA offers students the essential skills that will enhance their employment opportunities in the field of risk, risk management, and insurance. The program allows graduates to participate effectively in both private and government sectors as there are more jobs in the field of insurance and risk management than qualified people to fill them. During their time in the CBA, Insurance students will be able to:

  • Secure an internship to complete their COOP training
  • Work and network with employers from a wide-range of domestic and international corporations
  • Attend focused workshops and seminars to enhance their skills and experience
  • Participate in challenges and competitions


Our graduates are qualified to pursue employment opportunities as the following:

  • General and life insurance underwriter
  • General and life insurance claim handler
  • Insurance analyst, specialist, and consultant
  • Risk management specialist, consultant, and manager
  • Insurance and reinsurance specialist
  • Medical aid and health insurance advisor
  • Insurance and reinsurance broker
  • Banking Credit Insurance.
  • Petroleum Sector Loss Prevention.
  • Commercial sector.
  • Industrial Sector.
  • Transportation Sector.
  • Aviation and Airport.
  • Social security.